Based on Sunday’s estimates, courtesy of

1) Stomp the Yard: $13.3 million, $41.5 million to date (owner: Bill Clark, A Don’t Call Me Shirley Joint)
Bill Clark’s whites-of-their-eyes strategy pays off in spades, owning four of the top five movies in the second to last week os the season and vaulting into first place after spending the bulk of the year in seventh.
2) Night at the Museum: $13 million, $205.8 million to date (Will Harris, What’s All This, Then?)\
Will rides Ben Stiller’s unfunniness into fourth place, knocking Punch and Pie and their can’t-miss “Charlotte’s Web” into a measly fifth place. Dakota Fanning is already plotting to have Will’s entire family erased from history.
3) Dreamgirls: $8.7 million, $78.1 million to date (Bill Clark: A Don’t Call Me Shirley Joint)
And I’m telling you that Bill’s not leaving the top five.
4) The Hitcher: $8.2 million (Bill Clark, Don’t Call Me Shirley)
Even he will tell you that he feels guilty about this one. Was that CGI rabbit the worst looking special effect in years or what?
5) The Pursuit of Happyness: $6.7 million, $146.5 million to date (Bill Clark: A Don’t Call Me Shirley Joint)
The public’s thirst for syrup and mush, it appears, is endless. And Bill is only happy to capitalize on it.
6) Freedom Writers: $5.5 million, $26.8 million to date
I like hanky panky. Nothing like a good Swank-y.
7) Pan’s Labyrinth: $4.7 million, $10.1 million to date (Mark Pfeiffer, Reel Times)
When they say ‘don’t eat the fruit,’ and you see a hideous beast sitting next to a pile of dead children’s clothes, don’t eat the fruit.
8) The Queen: $3.7 million, $35.8 million to date: $5.9 million (Jason Zingale, Seven Strangers Productions)
Slowly, quietly, “The Queen” is outselling third round picks like “Deck the Halls,” and is about to overtake first round pick “Stranger than Fiction.” Helen Mirren: a bigger box office draw than Will Ferrell?
9) Children of Men: $3.7 million, $27.4 million to date (David Medsker, Scary Clown Studios)
Our favorite bit: the over-the-counter suicide drug. “Because only you know when the time is right.” Heh heh, suicide is funny.
10) Arthur and the Invisibles: $3.1 million, $9.2 million to date
Props for putting Mirwais’ “Disco Science” in an animated movie.

Current standings:
1) A Don’t Call Me Shirley Joint: $339.8 million
2) Reel Times Pictures $301.3 million
3) TSSU Productions: $283.9 million
4) What’s All This, Then?: $278.9 million
5) Punch and Pie Pictures: $274.4 million
6) Seven Strangers Productions: $211.5 million
7) Scary Clown Studios: $190.4 million
8) Nights and Weekends: $178.2 million

This week, the final week of the season: What’s All This attempts a left field sneak attack with “Epic Movie” and “Smokin’ Aces,” while Nights and Weekends and Scary Clown prepare for next season.