Every once in a while, someone stumbles onto the stage at “Saturday Night Live” that forces you to stand up and take notice. As I was skimming through last week’s episode, starring Eva Longoria (who seemed like a good sport), I fell in love with a girl, twice.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kristen Wiig.

In the show’s first skit, a very unfunny fake awards show on spam email, Wiig did a hilarious impression of “Will & Grace’s” Megan Mullally. A few skits later, during a parody of ’50s holiday specials, she went one better, doing the funniest Judy Garland you will ever see. Wiig is tall, she’s gorgeous, and she has to be making the other women on the cast nervous. Surely, Maya Rudolph is working out eight hours a day to get rid of her baby weight in order to get back onstage, and if her presence prevents Rachel Dratch from doing one more Debbie Downer skit, then the world is already a better place.