The Shield 7.8 – Parricide

If there was ever any doubt that “The Shield” was really coming to an end, tonight’s episode stamped it out with the boldest statement they could make: Vic’s decision to call it quits as a cop. I don’t think anyone imagined that he would give up fighting for his badge (even when his official termination had been all but confirmed), but after the events that transpired, it makes sense that Vic wouldn’t want the restrictions of law enforcement to get in the way of what needs to be done.

It didn’t take very long for Shane to go forward with his retaliation on Vic and Ronnie, and after setting up an alibi with Mara, he heads to Vic’s house to exact revenge. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Two-Man’s assassination attempt on Ronnie didn’t go as planned. Ronnie escaped unscathed, while his date just caught a stray to the arm, and when Vic gets a call about the situation outside of his house, Shane is there to watch as his chance slips away right in front of his eyes. What I don’t understand is why Two-Man didn’t take a similar approach. Granted, the last thing I want to see happen is Ronnie getting shot for all the shit that Vic and Shane have dragged him through, but it just doesn’t make sense that the guy would try and kill someone from afar when he could have just as easily done it at point blank range.

The Shield 7.8

Nevertheless, with both Ronnie and Vic still alive, Shane is forced to go on the defensive – especially when Two-Man is captured and brought to the Barn for questioning. Dutch and Billings fail to trick him into confessing the first time around, but with the help of Vic (who suggests they just lie about having witnesses), they eventually get Two-Man to take the bait and give up Shane. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the captain’s office, however, Shane has already gotten the hell out of dodge. Claudette is curious as to why Shane would even want Ronnie dead, but as expected, Vic and Ronnie are both mum on the subject. In fact, Vic is so certain that Claudette will tie him to a desk for his final week on the job, that he just decides to up and quit right there, since it means he can go after Shane himself. Claudette warns him against it, but really, who’s going to stop him?

Of course, Shane has taken certain precautions as well. Though it seems he really did destroy that file he created on the Strike Team several months back, he sends Mara over to Corrine’s house to deliver a message: either Vic and Ronnie help Shane evade capture or he’ll testify against them in court. One thing he hasn’t considered, however, is Vic just killing him. I mean, that would solve all their problems, right? Perhaps Vic is worried about having to deal with Mara, but if he truly wants to move forward and make his current gig with the feds a permanent thing, he’s going to have to make Shane disappear – one way or another.


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