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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.8 – You’ve got a different point of view

They got clever on us this week with “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”…or did they? Yes, the decision to tell the same story from multiple perspectives – think “Election,” only without the blowjobs, bee stings, and Ennio Morricone theme music used for comedic effect – was unlike anything “Terminator” has thrown at us to date, but there is one small problem with it. Unlike the great, great “Election,” every character in this “Terminator” episode has the exact same perspective. The title cards may have said “Sarah’s Story,” or “Cromartie’s Story” (which I will admit I found amusing that he merited his own bit), but the truth is there was only one perspective, and several different camera angles to that perspective.

For a moment, though, I thought I’d be calling this blog “The Death of Riley” (Lightning Seeds fans, all six of them, just nodded knowingly), because they seemed to be telegraphing her death from the moment we first see Riley and John on the bus. You’ll only bring her danger, Sarah warns him. You’re doing something stupid, Cameron warns him. It seemed tragic but fitting that John would take Riley somewhere in an attempt to escape the harsh realities of his life, only to get her killed in the process. But then my wife reminded me that this is the beginning of sweeps, and they’re probably saving Riley’s death for the end of sweeps. Fair enough.

Kiss me. Deadly.

The really funny part is that when Cameron commented about how dumb John was being – while on his bed with him and stripped down in her most fucktastic outfit to date, which makes me think my prediction that John and Cameron ultimately get it on is still in play – she had no idea exactly how dumb John was about to be. Running off with Riley is one thing, but John decides to take her to the one place on Earth where people might recognize him: the city in Mexico where he and his mom stayed for years. As Paul Reiser said in the classic Thanksgiving episode of “Mad About You,” that wouldn’t have been my first choice. And, of course, it ends poorly, with John and Riley getting arrested and ultimately showing up on the FBI’s radar, which brings Ellison into the mix. Ellison ultimately helps save John, but things will never be as easy for any of them again.

Will Ellison say anything to Catherine Weaver about the “death” of Cromartie? She’s been looking for Cromartie, after all, though we still don’t know why. Does she want his chip in order to assist the development of the AI program she’s working on? And will she vow revenge on the Connors now that Sarah has crushed that chip into dust? Will the showdown between Catherine and Sarah, like Cromartie’s death scene, be shot in a Mexican church like a Robert Rodriguez movie? Tune in next week to see if Skynet finally pushes the History Eraser button.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.6 – Girls ain’t nothing but trouble

The rest of the episode may have been of the now-standard, here’s-a-morsel-of-plot variety, but you can’t deny that that opening sequence, where Ellison comes face to face with an Ellison Terminator, was creepy good. Even better that Cromartie kills the Terminator (!) because he believes that Ellison will ultimately lead him to the Connors. Cromartie is like Ellison’s own personal Cameron, which is just too strange for words.

Cameron, ironically, is the one that gives Cromartie his first clue in ages as to the whereabouts of the Connors. Her photo is finally entered into the police database after her stint at the halfway house following her arrest. Cromartie hits the house for clues, and finds Cameron’s deadbeat jail buddy Jody, who’s naturally out for revenge after Cameron nearly killed her. Their back-and-forth had its moments (mainly when Cromartie said “I’m not a cop” in the most unconvincing way possible), but the bit where he shoved her out of the car was money. But wouldn’t a Terminator like Cromartie be programmed to kill Jody once he had no use for her? Just a thought.

Aisle 7: condiments, salad dressing, welfare cases, unstoppable killing machines.

The other woman in John’s life, schoolmate Riley, causes even more trouble for the Connors when she forgets to set the alarm on their place and they are robbed. Cash, jewels, fake IDs, even their food is stolen. Mama Bear is not happy, but must be doing jumping jacks on the inside, since she’s been looking for a reason to keep John away from Riley since the day they met (I’ve dated girls with mothers like Sarah, it isn’t pretty). They eventually get their stuff back – three thieves and a fence lose their lives as a result – but not without tipping off Cromartie yet again when one of the thieves tries to use one of the stolen credit cards. So there’s your life lesson, John Connor: bitches ain’t shit. Make sure you have your therapist on speed dial in the future.

Cromartie isn’t the only machine that’s protecting Ellison, though. Catherine Weaver cleverly bails Ellison out of a jam after he’s fingered for a murder committed by his Terminator doppelganger. So two machines are protecting Ellison, while one (so far) has tried to kill him. Does he wind up playing a role of Miles Dyson proportions when all is said and done? Perhaps, but for the moment, as Catherine deftly observed, Ellison is Job. That’s gotta suck.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.6 – There must be something we can talk about

That sound of merriment you hear is the cast and crew of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” doing a happy dance upon receiving the news that their season has been extended by nine more episodes. If we’re lucky – and the producers are smart – they will take whatever episode they’re working on right now and make it the most ass-kicking, sexiest episode they’ve done to date. They seem to think they have all the time in the world to tell their story. They don’t. Give up the goods, or the machines win, and you don’t live to see Season Three.

John and Sarah uncover a name on Skynet’s hit list, and when they find him, they discover that…he’s a child psychologist. Why Skynet would want him is unclear, but Catherine Weaver could sure use his help, since daughter Savannah is scared to death of her “mother.” Curiously, they put John and Catherine in the same building in this episode, which makes me wonder: if she had made eye contact with him, would her CPU have told her to kill him? Catherine hasn’t shown the slightest interest in the whereabouts of the Connors yet. Does she know of them? She must, right?

Either way, the scene of Catherine doing a photo shoot was money. “Turn your head a quarter inch.” Whizz. “Perfect. Now another half inch.” Whizz. The way her face fell after the photographer gave up on trying to get a warmer smile from her was priceless – as was the therapist’s diagnosis of Cameron as having Asperger Syndrome – and her attempts to show warmth to Savannah were great in how difficult it is for her to show emotion in a convincing manner, which made it even sweeter that her pet AI project is starting to show some human tendencies as well, ignoring its task to throw riddles at the programmers. Catherine brings the therapist on board to consult with her “child” AI project, which now makes it unclear whether they wanted to kill the therapist (since he’s trying to help both John and Sarah with their issues) or use him to get their pet project off the ground. I’m sure we won’t see him again for another month, if we see him again at all.

“You want to know why I traveled back in time? Indoor plumbing. I haven’t taken a real shower in years.” Continue reading »

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.5 – God save those born to die

Shakespeare once said, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” John Connor is years away from even seeing the crown (and when he does, it’ll be made of tattered, twisted metal), but everyone around him, to paraphrase Chuck D, has got him like Jesus. Not in the crucified sense but in that his life is not his own, and never was. He’s meant for great things, and he needs to appreciate the sacrifice people are making for him in the past, present and future. They’ve made this point in nearly every episode, but tonight’s episode marks the first time that I felt sorry for John Connor.

I do not, however, feel sorry for Sarah Connor. For someone who’s trying to keep a low profile, perhaps she should refrain from kidnapping small children, even if she saves their lives in the process. I get why she did it: two other Sarah Connors died before the T-888 locked on to her, so her survivor’s guilt kicked in when they discovered that Martin Bedell (but not the Martin Bedell) is brutally murdered. So she saves the life of grade schooler Marty Bedell – and even helped him with his book report – while this week’s time-traveling killing machine abandons his mission to kill young Marty in order to acquire the actual Martin Bedell, a military school student that would go on to become one of John’s most valued fighters…and would ultimately die for him. But more on that later.

“Hey, you don’t know me, but years from now, you’re gonna die for me. Are you cool with that?” Continue reading »

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.4 – Let my Cameron go

Sure, it was another episode light on action and logic – but heavy on nicely realized post-apocalyptic green screens – but at long last, the show’s creators delve into Cameron’s origins, and they are interesting, indeed. Cameron, it turns out, is modeled after Allison Young, one of John’s favorite resistance fighters in the future. She’s caught by the machines and interrogated at length and in depth. After a failed escape attempt – she’s lucky she survived the jump off the aircraft carrier deck, never mind actually getting away from the machines – she discovers that her interrogator is an infiltrator Terminator that…wait for it…looks just like her. The machine was just picking Allison’s brain so she could do a convincing job of being Allison when she hit their camp and took them out.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask? Well, it looks as though Cameron’s chip is getting a little twitchy again, because after looking at a helium balloon, she goes blank – with no idea who she is and no ID to confirm her identity. She does, though, have a lot of cash, which attracts the eye of a opportunistic leech named Jody, who takes Allison – Cameron hasn’t yet remembered that she’s a machine – under her wing. The two check into a shelter for a couple days, though the catch is that they must submit to therapy. Allison is a virtual tabula rasa in her first meeting, but before long remembers what she is and vows to put John Connor’s head on a stake. The shrink, as she conveniently pointed out in their first session, must contact the authorities when someone speaks of harming another, but more on that later.

“Scout’s honor, if I had any idea you were a killing machine from the future, I totally wouldn’t have lied to you like that.”

Catherine T-1000 Weaver, meanwhile, is slowly luring Agent Ellison into her web, though the endgame on this one seems a bit fuzzy. Since she’s already a more advanced model of Terminator than the one she’s recruiting Ellison to hunt down, why would she care about Cromartie? Is there an edge that the machines would get by replacing Catherine Weaver with not just any old Terminator but a liquid metal badass? I’m still unsure how Catherine was able to convince Ellison to sign on, especially after her clumsy speech about the death of the original Catherine’s husband, and Machine Catherine’s clear hatred for all things human, but maybe it’s one of those Austin Powers things where Basil Exposition just tells us to go along with it, so we do. Ugh. Continue reading »

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