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RiffTrax Live! – “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

By the time you read this, it may be too late, but just in case it isn’t, the guys from RiffTrax.com – Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, all late of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” fame – will be doing a live event in a theater near you this evening: riffing on the Ed Wood classic, “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” The evening will be hosted by Veronica Belmont, the host of “Tekzilla” on Revision3 and “Qore” on the PlayStation Network, with musical guest Jonathan Coulton and a special segment by Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka of Something Awful. In addition, the night will also feature the world premiere of a brand new, never-before-seen short.

If you’d like to attend, just head over to the Fathom website and see if the live theatrical simulcast will be offered in your area. And if you’re not familiar with the film in question…well, geez, have you been living under a rock, or what?

Here’s the trailer for your viewing enjoyment, and I can assure you from personal experience that it’s every bit as bad as it looks…though, of course, I mean that in the best possible way.

There’s no doubt about it: “Plan 9 from Outer Space” definitely transcends badness to become a legitimate classic.

Tunnel Rats

As this generation’s Ed Wood, Uwe Boll has made some truly terrible films. So how does the German director fare when he’s not making a movie based on a video game? A little better, but not as much as you’d hope. With “Tunnel Rats,” a Vietnam War flick about a group of U.S. soldiers sent to kill Viet Cong resistance fighters hiding in the jungles and tunnels of Cu Chi, Boll has proven that he isn’t quite as clueless behind the camera as he appears. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for his screenwriting skills. I’m not exactly sure who this movie is supposed to be meant for, but the Vietnamese are depicted as bloodthirsty savages and the Americans as scared morons. They act like morons, too, as they’re all systematically killed off like a bunch of teenagers in a slasher flick. I mean, if the tunnels were causing the U.S. Army so much trouble, why didn’t they just drop a couple of grenades down them instead of sending soldiers in one at a time to be brutally murdered? Boll is clearly a fan of the genre – he crams as many Vietnam War clichés into the first 20 minutes as humanely possible – but that doesn’t make him any more qualified for the job. “Tunnel Rats” may have sounded great on paper (it’s certainly an original idea for an overdone topic), but with Boll in charge, it never had a chance to succeed.

Click to buy “Tunnel Rats”

Monday Night Quickies

Not that kind of quicky. I’m referring to brief links to stuff around the interwebs, tonight with a geeky edge.

* The “actuals” are in on the weekend box office race. The “Transformers” sequel won by a wafer thin half a million smackers, dang it.

* I’m not sure how this started, but my pattern on the “Harry Potter” franchise has been to read the books just before the films come out. To avoid spoilers for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” (I’m on page 139 and the story’s barely begun), I’m not reading any reviews right now. Thanks to the miracle of Rotten Tomatoes I can nevertheless say that the reviews for the film thereof are looking quite good thus far. That’s a good thing because director David Yates is finishing out the series, which seems to be wrapping up much better than it started. The choice of Yates, a specialist in TV miniseries, to wrap up the films makes a lot of sense, especially since that’s essentially what the Potter movies are — the most expensive miniseries ever made.

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