Know your ghost writers

Via EW’s Mandi Bierley, we have a French trailer (that’s why the subtitles and that errant F-word) for the upcoming film from a director you may have heard of named Roman Polanski. And, yes, it’s possible to think Polanski fully deserves more jail time and to pay to see a movie directed by him in totally good conscience. It’s also possible to buy a record produced by Phil Spector without remorse, and I hope we can all agree that what he did was actually a lot worse. Anyhow, here is the trailer for “The Ghost Writer.”

And, just to make life a bit confusing and interesting, it turns out that there’s also a recently released apparently more or less direct-to-video film called “Ghost Writer,” a solo-feature directorial debut from the always entertaining actor Alan Cumming, who also co-directed a movie called “The Anniversary Party” I quite liked back in 2001. Under a different title, “Ghost Writer” seems to have divided the very few critics who’ve seen it, but it definitely does not look dull. Both movies have very interesting casts.


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