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Scripps, the parent company of Food Network, has launched, an interactive, video-centric website with lots of shows, blogs and other content. One of their new shows is “Man Kitchen,” a show hosted by former NFL tight end Keith Neubert, who played just one-plus full season for the Jets in the late ’80’s, but is a natural in front of the camera and in the kitchen.

The episode clips online have Neubert cooking up dude-friendly items such as salmon burgers (might not sound like dude food, but the one he makes is literally the size of his own head), pizzadillas, sloppy joes, and beer can chicken among others. His favorite side? Tater tots.

And when Neubert seasons his creations, someone throws him the salt and pepper shakers and he hurls them back, informing the other person to “go long.” Yeah, it’s goofy but it’s the kind thing guys, especially novice cooks, will love. And how about the show’s tag line, which really says it all: “Knives. Flames. Alcohol. What could go wrong?”

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