Mickey Mouse Disco

Hey, it’s easy to sit around and watch a Disney flick from the past couple of decades and say how the studio has sold out, seemingly focusing more on having a sappy clutch of hit songs and tons of fast food merchandising for their films instead of focusing more on the quality of the features themselves, but back in 1979 there was Mickey Mouse Disco.

I remember this damned commercial vividly and begged my mom to get it for me. Man…$9.98 for the LP AND two bonus albums? Where ya gonna get a deal like that anymore? However, I finally got my copy at Woolworth’s and was more than happy. For Disney stuff at the time, this one wasn’t too bad, and a couple tracks actually still stand up, but it’s the commercial that still seals the deal for me. At over two minutes long, you know everything you need here. Ah, the good old days…


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American Idol: Here We Go Again

Last night’s “American Idol” results show was less fluff than usual, more results…but two of the results were surprising, one bordering on shocking, at least to me. That can only mean that those idiots who purposely mess with the voting are at it again (you losers know who you are). Either that, or America is just ignorant.

So first they did some bit on Simon Cowell blatantly flashing the “L” for loser sign to either Ryan Seacrest or various others during the auditions. Whatever…we all know he’s a wiseass.

Then came the ’70s medley, which did one thing in particular…it exposed how bad some of these singers really are.

Okay, on to the results Read the rest of this entry »


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Lost 4.5 – The Constant

Seeing as how I wasn’t a particularly big fan of the last Desmond time travel episode (“Flashes Before Your Eyes”), I was wholly expecting not to enjoy tonight’s episode either. In fact, that’s exactly how it was panning out until the story took an unexpected turn that no one could have seen coming.

The story begins where episode three left off. Frank, Sayid and Desmond are on their way to the freighter, and while the storm they’re currently flying into doesn’t look that inviting, Frank is insistent on l following the exact coordinates they used to get to the island. What they don’t realize, however, is that flying through said turbulence has some unexpected side effects, and before you can say “Saving Private Desmond,” the surly Scot has awakened in the middle of a military barracks, clean cut and unaware of his surroundings.

When he snaps back to the present, Desmond completely freaks out – recognizing neither Sayid nor Frank. As it happens, Desmond can now time travel (sort of), and when the helicopter lands on the freighter, he’s taken to sickbay to get checked out. It’s there that he meets George (Fisher Stevens), one of the freighter folk who seems to be experiencing the very same side effects. Unfortunately, between jumping back and forth in time, and arguing with the boat’s crewmembers Ray (Marc Vann), Keamy (Kevin Durand) and Omar (Anthony Azizi), Desmond can’t figure out what’s happening to him.

Lucky for him there’s a physicist (Daniel Faraday) on the island, and after speaking with him over the SAT phone, it’s revealed that not only does Desmond believe it’s 1996, but that his recent exposure to electromagnetism (via the hatch explosion) is the reason he’s reacting this way. Confident that he can help, Daniel orders Desmond to board a train (in the past) and visit him at Oxford where he used to teach. When he arrives, Desmond finally gets some answers from Daniel – but they’re not exactly to his liking.

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American Idol: Ladies Night = Crap Night

When Simon Cowell declared Tuesday night that this season’s “American Idol” was David Archuleta’s to lose, he wasn’t joking. Not only did young David out-class every one of the guys, he left every lady in the rear view mirror as well, because for the most part, they did not deliver the goods on Wednesday night. Here is a recap….


Carly Smithson went first last night, and in the little bit about “what viewers would be surprised to learn,” said she tends bar at an Irish pub in San Diego. I wasn’ t surprised, were you? Anyway, Carly sang Heart’s “Crazy on You,” and for me it was a bit too shouty. But by the end of the night, Carly sure looked good compared to the rest of the field. Randy said it was rough at the start but got better, Paula said Carly is a great singer, and Simon said it was better than last week, and that no other woman in this thing can touch Carly vocally. He may be right.

Brooke White strapped on her guitar and sang Carly Simon’s Read the rest of this entry »


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Jericho 2.3 – He’s back! (And so is he, and so is he, and…)

First off, if you didn’t see last week’s write-up, there’s a perfectly good reason for that, but to find out what it is, you’ll have to click here.

Are you back? Excellent. Let’s move on, then, shall we?

Hey, everybody, Dale’s back! I always thought the guy was a little squirrelly because, well, he is squirrelly. But, wow, the guy’s really grown up over the course of the past few months. One trip to Missouri, and he’s become a man. And by “man,” I mean he’s actually about one evil look away from being a full-fledged bad-ass. I think I’ve said it before, but, seriously, you don’t want to be around that guy when he’s finally fed up.

Y’know, I’ve heard some people say that D.B. Sweeney is too damned likable to accept as the devious Goetz, but, personally, I think the combination of this against-type performance and a disconcertingly dark second season of “Jericho” makes him exceptionally off-putting in the role…which I mean as a compliment, if that wasn’t evident. Jake’s hatred of Ravenwood is understandable, given his history with the organization in Iraq, but it doesn’t take long for the majority of the town to turn against them when they start screwing with Dale’s shipments of the Hudson River Virus vaccine. (More on that in a moment.)

Hey, everybody, Jimmy’s back! Or, to put it another way, “Narc, narc, who’s there? Jimmy!” Not that we should’ve expected him to anything other than tell Beck what he knew about Sarah Mason, but what wasn’t expected was the way Hawkins decided to handle the situation: by bursting into Beck’s office and saying, “You’re killing my investigation!” It’s actually a good ploy, given how readily Hawkins has had lies spill forth from his lips during the course of the series, but in this case, it’s for the greater good, as he attempts to pick and choose bits and pieces of the facts at his disposal in order to sway Beck into realizing that the government isn’t telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s a slippery slope he’s treading, but Major Beck’s conversation with Thomas Valenti was clearly sufficient to sway Beck into believing Hawkins’ story. And as long as we’re speaking of Beck, I like him a little more each episode, especially after the scene with him and Heather in the waning minutets of the episode

Hey, everybody, Dr. Dhuwalia’s back! The guy’s not a very good liar, though, and he’ll clearly break under pressure at the drop of a hat. Still, I love the character, so I’m glad to see him return. Plus, even though he’s got the kind of loose lips that sink ships, the whole issue with the virus made for great drama, from the transmission Heather received that clarified just how bad things had gotten to the tension-racked scenes in the warehouse.

So Bonnie’s going the Kerouac route and hitting the road with Jennings & Rall, eh? Well, we did get our first full-fledged CBS’ing of Season 2 with the way the music swelled during the front porch conversation between Stanley and Bonnie, but we also got a bit of heretofore-unrevealed information about how Stanley and Bonnie lost their parents, and I’m sure fans – like, say, myself – enjoyed getting those details. It’s nice to see that the cute girl from J&R seems to have some scruples; at least it looks like Bonnie will be in good hands.

So who’s this mysterious person on the other end of the line from Hawkins…? Time, as they say, will tell…


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