After the “Californication” panel yesterday, David Duchovny was literally SWARMED by writers with their recorders extended…and, yes, I was one of them. But, eventually, my arm got tired – I was having to stretch over the shoulder of another fella – and I have to give up the ghost. Still, I got this pic, and I also got this valuable info:

Duchovny is anticipating that he’ll finally, FINALLY be receiving the script to the forever-gestating “X-Files” movie sequel. It’s a co-write by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, which longtime fans of the show will be giddy about, given that Carter, of course, is the show’s creator, while Spotnitz wrote, story-edited, and produced many fine episodes for the series. (Carter will also direct, according to Duchovny.) Gillian Anderson is on board, as you’ve no doubt heard rumored…but, then, this flick has been nothing but rumors for the longest time. Lord knows we’ve heard rumors that a script was on the way before. So what makes this different?

“This time,” says Duchovny, “I really am supposed to get the script next week. And I’m looking forward to seeing what (Chris) did.”

It’s to be a one-off script, i.e. there are no intentions to continue the franchise as an ongoing series of sequels, and – all things being equal – the plan is for filming to begin later this year, with a release date for sometime in 2008.

Bonus anecdote: Evan Handler, who plays Duchovny’s character’s agent on “Californication,” joked, “It’s going to open the same weekend as the ‘Sex and the City’ movie.” Duchovny’s reply: “We’re gonna crush ’em!”