A martial artist, a superhero, a gladiator, and…a college professor? The temptation to cue the “Sesame Street” song, “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other,” has never been stronger, but as has been proven week after week, it doesn’t pay to underestimate anyone in this bracket. (It seems like a lifetime ago that Indiana Jones entered the competition as the low-seated underdog; somehow, we never saw it coming that he’d take that omnipresent bullwhip of his and use it to whip the asses of all comers.)

These four guys have fought a lot of hard battles to get to where they are today, but after several weeks of sparring, we’re finally down to the four biggest, baddest badasses of the bunch, and it’s anyone’s guess which pair will end up in that final match. Batman and Lee would certainly appear on the surface to be the more evenly matched – two masters of hand to hand combat, each with their own arsenal of bad-ass moves – but as far as Indy versus Maximus…well, we’ve seen brawn triumph over brains in the past, but, then, we’ve also seen Indy triumph over everybody.

In the long run, there are no guarantees who’ll come out victorious…but we sure can’t wait to see who finally does.

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(#2) Maximus vs. (#16) Indiana Jones
(#7) Lee vs. (#8) Batman