Bullz-Eye’s Badass Bracket: Round 1

Badass Bracket

Who is the biggest badass in entertainment history? It’s the kind of hypothetical that could keep a group of guys up until the wee hours of the morning, with plenty of booze fueling the debate, of course. Regrettably, Bullz-Eye’s Badass Bracket is a BYOB affair, but don’t let that distract you from the task at hand.

After several phone and email conversations comparing the credentials of this sadistic freak with that lovable villain, we settled on a group of 32 entertainment tough guys (and gals) who’ve spilled way more than their fair share of fake blood. Some walk the righteous path, some walk the wicked, and some travel both, but they’re all worthy entrants in the Badass Bracket.

The first round of the competition features some marquee matchups right out of the gate. Follow along with our bracket, or click on one of the links below to vote for your favorite character:

(#1) Jack Bauer vs. (#16) Indiana Jones
(#2) Maximus vs. (#15) James Dalton
(#3) Hannibal Lecter vs. (#14) Snake Plissken
(#4) John McClane vs. (#13) Tyler Durden
(#5) The Bride vs. (#12) James Bond
(#6) Conan vs. (#11) Casey Ryback
(#7) Sonny Corleone vs. (#10) Tony Soprano
(#8) Ash Williams vs. (#9) Doc Holliday


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