I don’t mean I love Pam. I mean I love Pam like I love warm crab legs and an ice cold beer on a Friday night. I love Pam like Ron Burgundy loves scotch. Who’s Pam? I’m talking about the receptionist on the US version of “The Office.” I am a big fan of the original UK series, and while the US version continues to improve, the UK version is superior in just about every way – except for Pam.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Dawn in the original. But Pam is great. I suppose a lot of the credit has to go to the actress who plays Pam, Jenna Fischer. I see from her IMDB profile that she also appeared on “Six Feet Under,” “Cold Case” and one of my all-time favorite (and prematurely cancelled) shows, “Undeclared.”

What’s so great about Pam? Well, she’s cute but doesn’t know it, she’s got a sick sense of humor and she likes to mess with people. Just about the only thing wrong with her is that she’s engaged to a guy who, on their first date, accidently left her at a hockey game.