Last night on “American Idol,” the Top 24 were revealed, meaning that on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, America will have the deciding votes on who stays and who goes home. But before that, they had to whittle down a total of 46 contestants to 24, meaning they had to tell 22 folks that they were good enough so far, but not good enough to make the live TV rounds. They started by choosing the first 7 contestants on Tuesday night, and the next 17 were revealed last night. And while I agreed with most of the choices, I’m pretty freaking annoyed about some of them. Let’s recap in rapid fire fashion, because last night’s episode was delivered that same way…..

First up, 24 year old Janell Wheeler, who I have to admit I have not been impressed with one bit. But here’s the thing…she kind of looks like Carrie Underwood. And I know that Simon Cowell being Simon Cowell, he’d make damn sure that anyone who looks like Carrie Underwood would advance, regardless of how bad she could sing. And that’s exactly what happened. Oh, and it probably didn’t hurt that Wheeler has been linked to Florida football star Tim Tebow… up was Tyler Grady, the dude who looks like he stepped off a tour bus in 1975, and after Kara made some stupid comment about him being on “Planet Tyler,” he was let through to the next round………Lacey Brown, who made it this far last year only to be sent home, must have paid her dues, because she made it this time….so did Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert, and Joe Munoz, who they showed so quickly I almost didn’t have time to write their names down….Crystal Bowersox, who totes her guitar everywhere and has an absolutely monster voice, also made it….so did Katie Stevens, a producer’s favorite thus far….then came a medley of “no’s,” and since they didn’t show names on the screen I couldn’t even tell you who those sent home were.

Next up was 28 year old Angela Martin, who has endured way, way too much misfortue over the last few years–a daughter with a disability, a string of traffic violations that landed her in jail for a week, her father passing away during auditions a few years back, and this time her mom reported missing this past December. Still, Angela keeps persevering, and she’s damn talented. But not talented enough to make the Top 24, apparently. Kara sat next to Angela to deliver the bad news, totally degrading her in the process. Not only that, the judges degraded all of us by making this choice over the not-nearly-as-talented but very-much-more-blonde-haired Janell Wheeler. I mean, why not give Angela the chance to have America decide her fate in this thing?…..then came Lilly Scott, who made it through despite Kara being awful at delivering the good news. I mean, really, the fact that I’ve mentioned Kara’s name like four times already goes to show you how annoying she has been so far this season…others receiving good news in rapid-fire fashion were Paige Miles (who?), Siobhan Magnus, Michelle D’Alamor (who?), Jermaine Sellers, and John Park.

Only two spots remained, for one girl and one dude. The female spot was between Haeley Vaughn and Tori Kelly. You may remember, Haeley was the 16 year old African-American who aspires to be a country artist. That makes her unique….Tori, meanwhile, is not exactly unique. Talented, yes, but not that talented. So Haeley went through and Tori went home.

Then the final guys’ spot was between Andrew Garcia (my early pick for Top 5 or better) and Thaddeus Johnson. You may remember Andrew did that awesome version of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up,” and 17 year old Thaddeus had his very loud and animated mom in tow most of the time. They gave Thaddeus the bad news first, and then told Andrew he’d made it, and thankfully they did because I was going to boycott the show if Andrew was sent home.

But wait…I counted back, and I only had a Top 23. Either I missed one during the blur, or they were afraid to tell us one of their picks. I’m going with the latter, because the one I missed was Tim Urban. With each passing round — initial audtion through each round in Hollywood, I thought this kid was pretty average. But for some reason, he kept getting pushed through, as if he had naked pictures of Kara and threatened to post them all over the web. And while I didn’t have a problem with Thaddeus getting bumped for Andrew, I have a huge problem with Thaddeus getting bumped for Tim. Are you kidding me, people?

So there you have it. Here is your Top 24:

Guys–Michael Lynche, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze, Todrick, Tyler Grady, Alex Lambert, Joe Munoz, Jermaine Sellers, John Park, Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia

Girls–Didi Benami, Catelyn, Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Crystal Bowersox, Katie Stevens, Lilly Scott, Lacey Brown, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus, Michelle D’Alamor, and Haeley Vaughn.

You’ve had your appetizers, now get ready for the main course! See you next week…