With the news last week that “Prison Break” was having its filming schedule extended by two episodes, the Hollywood Reporter speculated that these episodes could be used to give the series an appropriate ending. I’ve been saying for the past two seasons that it was probably time to wrap the show up, and if this speculation is true, it’s good to hear that Fox is allowing the creators to end the series on their terms, instead of having the rug pulled out from underneath them.

After all, based on tonight’s episode, the writers still have a few tricks up their sleeves. The scene where Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Sucre had to break into the Scylla vault without making a sound was pressure-packed throughout, and I especially enjoyed Michael’s MacGyver-esque decision to build a suspended ladder to get past the room’s security system. This was easily the best part of the episode and it really took the show back to its Fox River roots.

“What? Oh, the wall looks great, fellas. I’m just going to get back to my game of ‘World of Warcraft.’ I’m about to level up.”

Prior to the break-in, we were treated to a scene where Gretchen was mysteriously dressed up as a Catholic schoolgirl. If I were the General, and I received that picture on my phone, my first question would have been – who the F took the picture? Clearly, someone (T-Bag) was in the room to take the picture, which means Gretchen is probably up to no good. Instead, the General went to the room, amping up the creepiness of the relationship to a completely different level. It turns out that the General is the father of Gretchen’s daughter, and that’s why he let her go. Woo-hoo.

Meanwhile, T-Bag keeps trying to get Trish Ann to take off her jacket. You’d think that a FBI agent might read into his intentions a little more and maybe it would occur to her that he might be on to her, but apparently Trish Ann isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She and Don walk into an obvious trap sprung by Feng, and given his demeanor, they are (seemingly) a long shot to see another day.

The episode ends with Michael (unknowingly?) setting off a Scylla alarm and the General racing down to the vault to stop him. So we’ve got Michael in the Scylla room, Don and Trish Ann tied up in an abandoned house, T-Bag and Gretchen waiting to ambush the gang once they do get Scylla and $125 million loaded up into a truck. I wonder how this is all going to end.