It looks like things are coming to a head with Jim and Karen. Apparently, she’s getting past the whole Pam thing, but only after five consecutive late-night talks. She’s wearing him out.

Karen’s conversation with Pam was pretty uncomfortable. Pam’s shifty response to Karen’s question brings to mind he ol’ Shakespeare line: thou dost protest too much. I don’t think Jim and Karen are going to last much longer, especially since Pam told Ryan that she was ready to be set up with one of his business school friends. The look on Jim’s face was priceless. Once again, the onus is on him to do something.

Now, a few of the better lines from the episode:

Dwight: “Brunette or redhead?”
Jim: “Blonde.”
(Pam and Karen share a look.)

Michael: (carrying a plate of steaks) “Who wants some man meat?”
Dwight: “I do! I want some man meat!”

Michael: (to stripper) “I’m sure you have a boyfriend in prison or something.”

Michael: “So you’re not going to break up with me?”
Jan: “I’m closer to firing you.”