“Battlestar Galactica” is back with nine new episodes. I like the fact that they plan to show them consecutively, while only taking off one week for the Super Bowl.

This episode picked up right where they left off last year, with the tense standoff between Adama (with his nukes) and the Cylons (and their Raiders). This is what I would call a “versus” episode, with lots of one-on-one conflicts throughout the show.

Dee vs. Starbuck

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who found it hugely ironic that Lee ordered his wife to risk her life in trying to save his mistress. Dee’s interaction with Starbuck was terrific, right down to that slap when Starbuck was starting to get punchy from the drugs. Once they got back to the ship, it was nice to see Lee embrace Dee (wow, it just occurred to me, “Lee and Dee”) in the hanger. Lee needs to cut all romantic ties with Starbuck. She’s a complete mess.

Sam vs. Lee

Most of this conflict happened in the previous episode, and for the most part, Sam and Lee worked as a team to fight the Cylons. I don’t know what it is, but my skin crawls when those toasters appear on screen. I think the creators have done a terrific job of painting them as killing machines, and have used them judiciously, so that they keep their impact.

Helo vs. Roslin

How great of a moment was it when Helo slowly walked towards Roslin, blaming her for their current situation? There were no guards around, and this is a guy that just shot his wife. All Adama has to do is put his hand out and Helo (pretty much) stops. That was a powerful scene.

Boomer vs. Athena

I wasn’t expecting Boomer to flip out like that, but I guess that’s what a few weeks with a crying baby will do to you. Caprica’s decision to help Athena and Hera escape threw me for a loop. Now she and Baltar are on Galactica…this should be interesting.

Biers vs. Baltar

So who is the Chosen One? Biers? Baltar? The Chief? Biers was the one who saw the five Cylon faces, but she only recognized one. What clues can we garner from what she said? “You. Forgive me. I had no idea.” Obviously, she was apologizing to someone she felt she had wronged…so who would that be? She’s had limited interaction with the humans. It’s doubtful that it was Baltar, because she seemed genuinely surprised, and Baltar had been blathering on and on about being a Cylon. Though, when she touched the Cylon’s hand, she ended up holding Baltar’s.

One thing’s for sure, the fact that she recognized a face means that we’re in for at least one more huge surprise before the series ends.