The Biggest Loser: Families: Karma is a Powerful Thing

Folks, you can’t ignore karma, because it is more powerful than all of us. Last week, as NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families” was barreling toward its live season finale, there was a cliffhanger of sorts. Michelle and Vicky had reached the finals, but the third finalist would be determined by America voting between Ed and his wife Heba. They tried some sneaky gameplay thing, where Ed gained two pounds and then implored America to vote Heba into the finale. I voted for Ed and urged all of you to do the same, and it turns out we weren’t the only ones who wanted to stick it to Heba. They had them both come out on stage (both of them look phenomenal by the way), and it was announced that Ed was going to be the third finalist, with (get this) 84% of the vote. That’s not just karma, it’s a sure sign that America is tired of the gameplay and more about the true spirit of the show. Good for you all. But there is more to this story, and I’ll get to that later.

They had a look back at the season, and host Alison Sweeney, who at this point is very pregnant, was stumbling all over her words, which was pretty funny. Then they started bringing out the eliminated contestants in groups of four, and would show a video recap of each one and then have them weight in. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss among the eliminated players would take home $100K.

First was Adam and his wife Stacy, and Tom and his son LT. Adam lost 80 pounds, or 23.53%. Stacy lost 65 pounds, or 29.41%. LT lost 87 pounds and Tom 78 pounds, but both were in the 24% range and so Stacy was the current leader. Then they brought out Jerry and his daughter Coleen, and Shellay and her daughter Amy. Let me tell you, this was the highlight of the show Read the rest of this entry »


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The Biggest Loser: Blue Team Blues

If you watch NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families,” you know that Vicky is bitter and, as Ed said, will scratch someone’s eyeballs out in order to win. So when Amy went against her former blue team and voted Vicky’s husband Brady off last week, everyone in TV land rejoiced, except for Vicky and Heba and Ed, and Brady. Amy’s reasoning was that Brady was a big threat to her, because she was the biggest loser on campus so far and Brady was second. She also knew about the alliance between everyone in a blue shirt but her, and that when five went down to four, they would all vote Amy off. Makes sense to me.

But Vicky went on to call Amy a “backstabbing bitch” and posted a “REVENGE” sign on her dorm room door. Trainer Bob Harper was shocked about Amy’s choice, but he wanted to talk to her and see what her reasoning was. When Amy explained it, Bob understood and also told Amy she had a great shot at winning. But Bob also wanted his “blue” team (remember we’re in individual competition now, but blue still trains with Bob and black with Jillian Michaels) to get along. He also thought that the whole “revenge” thing with Vicky would bite her in the ass.

So before the first challenge, host Alison Sweeney shows up dressed in ’80’s gear Read the rest of this entry »


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The Biggest Loser: It’s All About the Game

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families” reached epic gameplay proportions last week when Phil told Brady they should band together to oust Heba. I thought it was B.S. personally, but it turns out Phil really did say that, but not with any kind of vicious intent. Well, he should have known better, becuase Brady and wife Vicky are all about the gameplay and earning an edge to win the grand prizes totaling $350K. So when the blue team lost last week and ousted Phil’s wife Amy, Phil was broken up about it for days. He also was broken up when the blue team confronted him in front of his teammates on the black team, who did show their support to Phil.

But first, blue team trainer Bob Harper was absolutely livid about his team sending Amy home and sensing some serious gameplay. He basically accused Vicky and Brady of it, saying that Brady’s 3 pound weight loss was “unheard of” and that something was afoot. Brady admitted he wasn’t eating every four hours like he was supposed to because he “wasn’t hungry.” Um, have you had a look at that dude? Guys that big are ALWAYS HUNGRY Read the rest of this entry »


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The Biggest Loser: Interrupted

Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was cut short by two guys arguing about the economy and foreign policy and health care. Imagine that! Seriously though, the presidential debate gave NBC an excuse to air an hour of the show last night and the concluding hour tonight. In other words, the weigh-in and elimination will occur tonight.

You can’t tell me that the network couldn’t squeeze everything into 60 minutes, but well, there are sponsors to keep happy. So last night all we had were Vicky of the brown team talking about her bad knees that prevent her from running, Phil and Amy (red team?) on their trip home to see their kids (from winning last week’s challenge), and Shellay and Amy (blue team) working out with Jillian one on one (from the first week’s challenge prize). Jillian made it clear who the boss was too…..she rode Shellay really tough because Shellay was wimping out on the exercise machines. Damn, I’d hate for Jillian to be my trainer, but there is no doubt she gets results.

The challenge last night was one in which everyone had to hang from a beam in water, but then had to hang on as the water became lower and lower. It was grueling, but it came down to young Amy and Vicky, and Vicky won, after about two hours! Vicky’s prize was a care package from home and a family theme park vacation. But host Alison Sweeney told Vicky that she could choose one other team to receive a care package, and she not surprisingly chose Amy’s blue team. Meanwhile, the weigh-in was approaching, and Jillian was shown barking at her team some more, telling them they didn’t have the drive that her team last season had. Ouch.

So tonight, the weigh-in, elimination (once again just one teammate will go home) and probably 700 commercials. I can’t wait. See you tomorrow with the results!


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The Biggest Loser: Here We Go Again

We all knew that the name “Biggest Loser: Couples” was a facade, and that was proven last night. Look producers, we don’t care that you break up said couples, but if you start changing the teams every week like you did last season, you’re going to lose more than a few viewers. Mrs. Mike summed it up best last night, saying “I hate this show.” Harsh, but you can’t keep confusing your audience or they will get annoyed and stop watching. Me, I have to watch it to deliver this blog, but I want some continuity.

Anyway, so last night’s episode began with the contestants road-tripping to the Grand Canyon.
Host Alison Sweeney met up with them halfway there at a convenient store in the middle of the desert to offer up the first challenge. Ali pulled up in a beautiful RV, and announced that the winner of this challenge would stay in the RV and everyone else would be camping. The challenge involved convenience store food, and guessing how many calories were in each item Ali put on the counter. There were three rounds, and Ed and Heba (orange team) won all three, with their teammates conceding them the victory after two of those rounds.

When the group arrived at the campgrounds, which were pretty desolate Read the rest of this entry »


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