A Chat with Jaleel White

That’s right: the guy who played Urkel on “Family Matters.” He’s starring in a new movie – “Who Made The Potatoe Salad?”, heading to DVD on Tuesday, November 7th – where he finally gets an the opportunity to be the straight man; he also has a small role in a big picture due for release at Christmas…but since he’s already less than thrilled that word of his appearance has leaked out, we’ll at least hold our tongue here and let you be surprised while reading the interview. White sat down with Bullz-Eye to talk about both flicks, and, yes, he was willing to drift into a bit of conversation about the series and role that brought him most of his fame.

Jaleel White: Will H.! What’s goin’ on?

Bullz-Eye: Nothing much. How’s it going?

JW: I’m good, I’m good.

BE: Well, first off, I’m glad to discover that you’re still alive.

JW: (Laughs)

BE: I guess it’s a rite of passage for every former child star to have to deal with someone starting a rumor that they’ve died.

JW: Ah, I don’t even know what to say about that darned thing. As much as you try to live your life your right, you’re gonna get sucker-punched now and then. That was my sucker punch back in June.

BE: I have to admit, I hadn’t even heard the rumor ‘til I started doing some research before this interview.

JW: Oh, really?

BE: I guess I got lucky and missed it. So, anyway, I got a copy of “Who Made The Potatoe Salad?”

JW: Oh, gosh…

BE: And I laughed…but I also felt really, really white and suburban.

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