“Toy Grit”

A pretty effective mash-up of the “True Grit” trailer audio with “Toy Story 3.”

H/t Anne Thompson.


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A full trailer with “True Grit,” and choppy editing

After last week’s very nice teaser trailer for the Coen Brothers version of Charles Portis’s “True Grit,” we have the full trailer right here. It’s longer, there’s more plot and some nice comic business between Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. Also, it looks like it’s going to be a bit more violent than the relatively graphic — but still somehow G-rated — 1969 version. What a surprise.

This trailer feels a bit rushed, as if they were trying to fit in too much. It’s probably a good sign, however, that they have a lot of good stuff to fit in. As both an admirer of the Coens and a fan of old school Westerns, I’m even more stoked than average about this brutal little Christmas present.

H/t /Film.



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