Don’t be afraid of this trailer.

It’s just a bit of filmed promotion. It can’t possibly hurt you. Besides director Troy Nixey and cowriter-producer Guillermo del Toro are, I’m sure, nice people who wish only to entertain you. They mean you no harm. Their remake of the 1973 TV movie “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” doesn’t even appear to have much gore in it. (It’s rated R for “violence and terror”). Yet…well, watch if you dare. (H/t Bloody Disgusting)

Good work, that. I literally had my eyes half-covered while I watched this thing, even as I was laughing at my own fright. The longer the black lasted, the most scared I got. Why does this work? I’ll let Kirk Douglas, with a little help from “The Bad and the Beautiful” screenwriter Charles Schnee, explain.


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