If Patrick Warburton’s going to Hell, he’s taking a lot of viewers with him

Bullz-Eye was fortunate enough to score an opportunity to speak with Patrick Warburton on the occasion of his CBS series, “Rules of Engagement,” returning to its 9:30 timeslot within the network’s Monday night comedy line-up.

We did not, however, limit ourselves to discussing that particular show.

In addition to conversations about Warburton’s roles on “NewsRadio,” “The Venture Brothers,” in “Get Smart” and “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and, of course, as the title character of the live-action TV version of “The Tick,” we also asked him about his long-running role on “Family Guy” as Joe, the paraplegic cop whose wife, Bonnie, finally gave birth.

“You know, my mother actually thinks my soul is in peril for being on that show, and after I watched last Sunday’s episode, I thought, ‘Geez, maybe she’s right. Joe’s getting his diaper changed…and I am going to hell for being on this show.’ You know my rationalization is that it is just absurd, crazy humor, and…what the fuck. It is a deplorable show. It’s horrible.”

Well, it’s all a matter of opinion.

Check out the rest of Bullz-Eye’s chat with Patrick Warburton by clicking here…or, of course, by clicking the big graphic below:


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