Lisa Lackey talks Season Four of “Heroes” — and more

She may not be a household name — not here in the States yet, anyway — but Lisa Lackey has a list of television and film credits as long as your arm, and with her recurring gig on NBC’s faded-but-still-popular “Heroes,” she’s a familiar face to the faithful who have continued tuning in to track the serialized adventures of TV’s most angst-ridden superpowered humans. If you only know her as the mutant-spawning wife of Greg Grunberg’s “Heroes” character, however, you need to acquaint yourself with the rest of Lackey’s work — and her recent chat with Bullz-Eye’s Will Harris is the perfect place to start, because she discusses her appearances on projects as varied as the syndicated “New Adventures of Flipper,” the late, lamented Showtime series “Rude Awakening,” and David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive.” As well as, of course, Season Four of “Heroes” — as much as she can discuss, anyway:

“I’m just so excited about Season 4, because it looks like it’s going to be even more interesting than even Season 1, in terms of my character and what’s going to happen. Not that I know that much. Not that they tell you anything!”

Okay, so maybe that isn’t much. But there was still plenty to talk about, including what it was like to work with a young Jessica Alba on “Flipper,” the unique stress of showing up for your first day on a David Lynch set, and how it feels for an Australian actress to be asked if she can be more Australian:

“How do you be ‘more Australian’? I wasn’t born in the back of the Outback. I was born in Sydney, I grew up in a city, I moved to the farm when I was bit older, but I still don’t speak like…I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘mate’ in my entire life!”

To read the rest of Lisa Lackey’s interview with Will Harris, just click here!


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