He’s a god among geeks (and more specifically, “Star Trek” fans), but William Shatner hasn’t always returned that affection when it comes to talking about his career-defining work as Capt. James T. Kirk on the “Star Trek” TV series and movies. Shatner has even gone on record as saying that he doesn’t “get” Trekkies and sometimes comes across as if the iconic role was more of a burden than a blessing. But it sounds like he’s finally starting to appreciate what the show did for his career, and even said as much in his recent interview with Bullz-Eye:

No, I knew from the very beginning – or at least when it made me popular – what a profound effect it had, but to bring yourself to understand it again, to have another insight, is helpful about everything, whether it’s the love you have for the people around you or your work or…eating an apple. (Laughs) As long as you live in the moment and appreciate it, that’s really what makes you happy.

Check out the interview for more about Shatner’s new documentary, “The Captains,” as well as some of his other past and future projects.