Women in prison, blogger on cable, DVRs on stun

It’s plugging and self-aggrandizement time here at Premium Hollywood as I alert friend and foe alike that Cody Jarrett’s electrifying tale of injustice, exploitation, gratuitous sex, violence, and even more gratuitous revenge in seventies Florida, Sugar Boxx, premieres on Showtime tonight/tomorrow.

The film features true legends of exploitation cinema Tura Satana, Kitten Natividad, and director Jack Hill, not to mention the beauteous Genevieve Anderson and The’la “Rain” Brown. To whet your cinematic appetite, below is a NSFW trailer featuring my rather SFW presence right towards to end, because you all want to know what a blogger pretending to be a corrupt seventies corporate/political flunkie looks like when gawking at a stripper.

“Sugar Boxx” will show at the auspicious hour of 3:10 a.m tonight/tomorrow (9/16/10) on both coasts.  If you miss this one — or we’ve gotten the time wrong — check your local listings for later showings.


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An entirely shameless post

In which I shamelessly plug the new exploitarama from my long time friend and cohort, Cody Jarrett. “Sugar Boxx” a women-in-prison low-budget extravaganza of sex, mayhem and other tried and true filmic values premieres tomorrow night, September 5th, at midnight at the Sunset 5 Theatres on the eastern edge of West Hollywood. Those lucky enough to be in attendance will be treated to sexy nudity, a great score (by The Millionaire of Combustible Edison and Steven Adler, formerly of Guns ‘n Roses), gratuitous violence, nudielicious sex, a line of hilarious-yet-pithy dialogue 40% written by me as well as brief flashes…of me (in a nonspeaking role!), nudity, Russ Meyer superstars Tura Satana and Kitten Natividad and the smoking-hot stars of tomorrow (and reality TV), foul language, a little violence, and some more or less nude lesbian sex.

You can see just a hint of that below:

The show is likely to be crowded with famed cast members (including me!) and may well sell out, so buying your tickets early is a good thing. You may still be able to do so here. And, if you can’t make it — acceptable excuses include living thousands of miles from greater Los Angeles — the absolute least you can do is to check out the Sugar Boxx Facebook page as well as the fabulous official website which will no doubt help keep you informed as to various means of viewing this soon-to-be-enormous masterwork.


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