Ways to Watch Movies on the Cheap, Legally

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You can enjoy some great movies without worrying about having to break the bank. September will come along eventually and right around the corner will be when the cost of Netflix plans do change. Here are some great ways to watch movies that you do care about and appreciate. Keep cash in your wallet while watching them. They are:

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In this post, we’re going to tell you about apps that can help you stream/watch movies and download them too. We covered apps to include as many OS as possible, though an individual app might not work in certain Operating Systems.

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More mobile movies

It’s amazing how fast the movie business is changing with the evolution of HD, gadgets and technology. Just several years ago it was all about DVDs. The Blu-ray won the war on higher def movies, so now that affects the TVs people buy and the video players. Now that’s all changing with streaming as Netflix and all sorts of online options further disrupt the business. Now there are tons of ways to watch new movies like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

With all the gadgets being sold this holiday season, these new ways to watch movies and TV shows will just keep growing. One huge trend is the emergence of Amazon with the Kindle Fire. It didn’t get the best reviews for functionality, but at $199 it was an incredibly popular gift this year. This was a huge boost to Amazon which now lets it market movie downloads from their ecosystem to buyers who got used to buying eBooks from them. This makes Amazon a legitimate competitor to Apple and the iTunes store.

Of course this will also have an impact beyond movie and TV downloads to stuff like games as well. Older women who liked reading romance novels on their own Kindle can now use Amazon to download romantic comedies and also to play online bingo games or other games they like. They can also communicate through social media with their kids and grandkids.

Everything is changing, and the movie business is bracing itself for more changes.


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