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Vampires Suck

2009 may not have been a spectacular year in cinema, but at least Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer didn’t add to the pile of disappointment with another one of their stupid spoof movies. Unfortunately, they didn’t go away for good, and the best thing that can be said about their new film, “Vampires Suck,” is that it’s not as bad as their previous efforts. At the very least, it’s a lot more focused, using the first two “Twilight” movies as the backbone of the story, almost to the point of copyright infringement. Stephanie Meyer’s teen angst-filled universe is certainly a place that’s ripe for comedy, but Friedberg and Seltzer seem content with just throwing a bunch of lazy, half-baked jokes at the wall and praying that some of them stick.

Most of the jokes fall well short of their mark, but there are a few smirk-worthy moments thanks to stars Jenn Proske and Matt Lanter, both of whom do spot-on impressions of the actors they’re parodying. The film also has a surprisingly high production value compared to the directors’ previous work, which often looked like they were shot in someone’s backyard. But the problem with spoofing a phenomenon like “Twilight” is that only people who’ve seen the movies will understand a majority of the jokes, and they’re probably the last group that would want to watch “Vampires Suck.” It’s definitely a step forward for Friedberg and Seltzer, but it’s a small step, because the movie is still so terrible that it’s difficult to put into words. Let’s just say vampires aren’t the only thing that sucks.

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Extreme Movie

Only the Weinstein Company would sink so low as to advertise Michael Cera as the star of “Extreme Movie.” Though it makes sense to highlight his involvement because he’s the biggest name in the cast, his role is so small that it doesn’t deserve more than a special guest credit. Granted, his brief appearance is the funniest thing about the film (a cybersex chat turned rape fantasy gone wrong), but it’s shady marketing nonetheless. If anyone is the star of “Extreme Movie,” it’s former “Punk’d” player Ryan Pinkston, who plays a geeky virgin looking to score with his high school crush. His story is the closest thing to a plot in the movie, but even that’s stretching it. Most of the film’s 75-minute runtime is made up of a series of sketches involving a group of sexually active teenagers. Andy Milonakis falls in love with an adult sex toy in one of the more clever vignettes, while Matthew Lillard plays himself in a series of uncouth “The More You Know”-styled sex education commercials. With the exception of Cera’s portion, though, most of the film is a mess – which isn’t surprising when you consider that no less than 10 different writers have been credited for the screenplay. Directors Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson may be responsible for one of the best spoof movies of its generation (“Not Another Teen Movie”), but now they’re guilty of making one of the worst.

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