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Sons of Anarchy 2.8 – Potlatch

Putting aside the fact that I find it pretty hard to believe that the Sons would be granted bail so easily, it’s nice to see SAMCRO out of prison and back to doing what they do best – namely, getting into trouble. The mood in the clubhouse is pretty low following the brawl between Clay and Jax, but Bobby urges that if they’re going to get through it, the rest of the guys will have to help hold things together.

They’ve only been away for a day, but the first thing on Clay’s to-do list is to personally thank Elliot for the bail money. Of course, Elliot plans to make the most of his investment by asking for Clay’s help in running against Jacob Hale for mayor. He’d probably make a good mayor too were it not for the fact that he’s only going to get in deeper with the Sons. It doesn’t sound like a very big favor considering the money he put up for their release, so it seems strange that Clay would make a request of his own. Still, you have to admire his willingness to return the one piece of leverage he had – the knife he used to kill the rapist – as a sign of good faith.


After dealing with Elliot, Clay teams up with Tig to see Henry Lin about selling some guns, but with their IRA contact now in business with LOAN, they decide to hijack the shipment meant for Zobelle and turn around and sell it to the Chinese. They show up in time to snatch the guns from AJ Weston, but when backup arrives and a shootout ensues, they’re forced to leave them behind. That doesn’t stop Clay from trying to snatch a few, though, and if it weren’t for Half-Sack stepping in to save him, he’d probably be dead. Curiously, Tig didn’t do a damn thing, despite confirming to Clay that he could count on him just minutes before. Clay is obviously starting to doubt Tig after he prevented Henry Lin from killing Chucky the Masturbating Accountant (who’s already been mutilated so that he can’t play with himself anymore), but I’m not quite sure why Tig is starting to act this way. Whatever the cause, they lost to guns to Zobelle, who in turn gave them to the Mayans for free. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a bit hypocritical of him? I mean, I’m sure he plans on using the Mayans to take out the Sons, and then turn on them when it’s beneficial to him, but even a false relationship is still a relationship.

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Sons of Anarchy 2.7 – Gilead

Kurt Sutter announced on his Twitter page a few days ago that tonight’s episode was his favorite to date, and I’m not really sure why. (He claims he’s a big fan of the HBO drama, “Oz.”) It wasn’t a bad episode, but when compared to the rest of the season, it just felt a little flat. Part of that had to do with the fact that not a whole lot really happened, especially when you consider that all three storylines were dealing with the same thing: getting SAMCRO out of prison. Forced to hang out in the San Joaquin County Correctional Facility while they await their hearing (which has been conveniently delayed), the Sons are quick to proposition their fellow black prison mates for protection when they discover that the LOAN-affiliated skinheads have orders to kill them.

Getting protection is easier said than done, however, as the leader of the black gang requests two favors from Clay before he’ll even think about putting the lives of his guys on the line. The first is handled quite easily (and humorously) when Juice lures one of their enemies into a private area with the promise of a little Latino loving, only for the black gang to jump him and beat the dude to a pulp. The second favor requires Clay to reach outside the prison gates to Opie for help in framing a Chinese tranny snitch (say that five times fast) that screwed over one of their soon-to-be prison pals. But after he pays off the club’s police friend and plants a shitload of drugs in the target’s car, the tranny shoots the cop and gets away. With Juice already in the medical ward after getting a shiv to the back and the others only hours away from getting stabbed themselves, things are starting to look dim when ATF Agent Stahl makes a surprise visit.


She’s come to see Clay in prison with a proposition of her own: give up SAMCRO’s IRA connection in exchange for their release. Clay flat-out refuses, but when she suggests that she speak to Jax instead (dropping a hint that she knows all about their heated feud), it severely pisses him off. Within seconds of returning to his cell, Clay and Jax are engaged in an all-out brawl, and though Clay is certainly bigger and stronger, I have to admit that Jax certainly held his own. At least, he came out of the fight the least for wear. Still, although Jax and Clay remain at each other’s throats, Jax gives Agent Stahl the same answer, but only after he deconstructs her entire interrogation technique and then indirectly threatens her by asking about Agent Kohn’s whereabouts. Sly bastard, that Jax.

When all was said and done, however, the Sons were able to post bail with the help of Elliot, who finally agreed to let Gemma borrow the $300,000 after she practically begged him for it. He certainly owes the club that much after they castrated the carnie who raped his daughter and then stopped Jacob Hale from forcing him to sell his land. Still, I can’t help but wonder what the point of this episode was if they’re just going to walk away from it without anyone ever mentioning it again. I mean, it’s not like any judge is just going to give them a slap on the wrist and set them free, so how exactly will the Sons get out of this mess once and for all? My guess? Jax will eventually succumb to Agent Stahl’s pressure and give up the IRA in trade for their freedom. After all, it’s not like they’re going to want to do business with those Irish bastards any more after they practically stabbed them in the back. Let’s hope not, anyway.

Sons of Anarchy 2.6 – Falx Cerebri

After last week’s cliffhanger left the survival of Chibbs up for question, I honestly believed that Jax would amend his decision against immediate retaliation and mount a full-scale war against LOAN himself. Luckily, Chibbs is going to be just fine, and as it turns out, Jax is a lot cooler in the head than I thought. While he’s just as bloodthirsty as the others for revenge, he’s still playing it smart by doing whatever he can to delay the inevitable. So when Clay approaches Wayne about tracking down Ethan and AJ (who have since gone off the grid), Jax does the same with David, only he promises that they’ll actually play things by the book.

While they wait around for that intel, Wayne and Juice set out to clean up the crime scene before the Feds arrive. Unfortunately, they come earlier than expected, and catch Juice standing in front of the car with a hose and a jug of bleach. He plays it off as having a serious case of OCD and is let off the hook, but when they try another plan involving spilling urine on the tech’s lab kit (and thus ruining the results of the test), Wayne accidentally spills it all over the actual tech instead. That means the Feds are going to know the real truth behind the explosion, and though the car bomb won’t incriminate the Sons, it does bring a lot of unwanted attention to some of their other unsavory hobbies. In fact, it’s even scared the Irish gun suppliers into meeting with LOAN. We don’t know what that meeting was about just yet, but seeing as how Ethan originally wanted the Sons to stop selling guns to the minority gangs, I think I have a pretty good idea.


Meanwhile, Tara’s freaking out about everyone’s safety following the attack on the club (namely hers), so Gemma gives her a gun from her surprisingly extensive collection and takes her shooting behind Luanne’s studio using porn posters as targets. What started out as yet another bonding moment between Gemma and Tara, however, quickly turned into a refreshing bit of comedy when the pair started shooting up the car of that porn star who was hitting on Jax a few weeks back. It wasn’t entirely necessary to the episode – especially since it was already a pretty slow-burning hour of television – but it was a nice addition nonetheless.

Speaking of slow burns, last night’s main storyline took quite a while to get going. However, once Jax and David followed up on a tip about the location of AJ Weston – only to get shot at by his brainwashed son – it practically sprinted to its unlikely finish line. Jax has been warning the club for some time now that Ethan is smarter than the average thug, so when David took a grinning Polly into the station after learning that her father would be attending a membership rally later that night, you just knew that the Sons were being played once again. When the rest of the club finds out about the rally, Clay leads a welcoming committee to go pick him up, despite Jax’s warning that local cops are already on the way. Unfortunately, no one listens, and when they bust into the building armed with guns, they discover that the rally in question is actually just a charity dinner.

Seconds later, the cops arrive, and everyone but Opie (who manages to get the hell out of dodge, though not before crashing his bike) is taken away. I’m not exactly sure how SAMCRO is going to get themselves out of this mess (they were caught both red-handed and on-camera), but there’s no way the series could survive with most of the team locked up in jail. On a side note, though, next week’s prison episode looks positively awesome.

Sons of Anarchy 2.5 – Smite

We haven’t seen much of John Teller’s transcript since Piney gave Jax his copy at the end of last year, but you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t think it still played an important part in the overarching story of the season. In fact, even though Jax now has a nice leather-bound copy, he still goes searching for the one he nearly burned to a crisp, only to discover the box it was hidden in missing from his garage. When he asks Gemma about its whereabouts, she simply shrugs it off as something she threw away when making room for the baby, even though both of them know that’s not the truth. That can’t make Jax feel any better about the situation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins looking into his father’s death now that he knows what Clay is capable of.

Of course, Gemma has more important things to worry about for the time being. After getting into a foot chase with the lady that kidnapped her while out shopping, Gemma accidentally clocks Tara in the face when she approaches her from behind. When Tara suggests that her jumpy nerves are a result of not telling anyone about the rape, and even recommends a therapist that might help, Gemma accepts the offer, only to walk away right before her appointment begins. I’m not sure why she’s so hesitant to tell anyone about the incident, because someone’s bound to find out eventually, and it will probably be Tara or Wayne who finally squeal.


Case in point: Wayne has already told David about the attack. Granted, it was a necessary move on his part, because David was ever so close to cooperating with Ethan. Heck, he was even given all the evidence needed to prosecute the Sons for blowing up the meth lab, not to mention his own blackmail video of him accepting a bribe from Darby. After Wayne explains that it was exactly his by-the-books approach to lawmaking that convinced him he was the right person to take over, however, David quickly decided to make things right. Along with giving Jax and Clay the DVD that incriminates Opie for his part in the explosion, he also helps them prevent his older brother, Jacob, from buying up some cheap land with the help of LOAN. I don’t think that means the Sons can look forward to working with David when he finally becomes Chief, but they can at least expect him to stay out of their way while they take care of Ethan Zobelle.

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Sons of Anarchy 2.4 – Eureka

If there’s one thing that continues to impress me about the Sons of Anarchy, it’s the way in which these guys conduct their business. The whole idea of participating in a charity ride as a cover to do their gun runs is pure genius. Not only do the cops stay out of their way, but they also look like heroes to the community. Nevertheless, something was bound to go wrong, and when Bobby brought out his worse for wear Fat Boy to ride on the job, it was pretty much a given that it would play a part in the incident. No sooner had the Sons picked up the guns and started north to drop them off when Bobby’s bike kicked back a cloud of smoke, forcing Tig off the road and into a ditch. The accident wasn’t as bad as it looked, but Tig was still busted up enough to require medical attention.

Unfortunately, his insurance plan didn’t cover him at the hospital, and while they were all waiting around for transport to a hospital that would stitch him up, a van full of bounty hunters swung by to pick him up. As it turns out, Tig has an outstanding warrant in Oregon (one that even he’s forgotten about), and while Clay and Jax butt heads over whether they should continue with the drop or rescue their captured comrade first, Tig buys them some time by provoking the bounty hunters to beat him up, knowing that they can’t turn him in until he’s patched up. The rivalry between Clay and Jax has been heating up ever since the death of Donna, but this is the first time that it’s directly affected everyone else in the club. Fortunately, Piney could care less about Clay’s orders these days, so he grabs a flatbed truck and, with the help of Jax, Chibs, Juice and Half-Sack, busts through the motel where Tig is being held to rescue him.


Clay isn’t at all happy about their recklessness, but what’s most upsetting to him is that Jax refuses to be a team player. When your stepdad orders the murder of your best friend, only to kill his wife, however, you can kind of understand why Jax may still be holding a grudge. I cannot wait until he finally exposes what really happened to the rest of the club – especially now that Opie is acting all hunky-dory around Clay – but the chances of that happening anytime soon are pretty slim. Of course, the fact that Clay has threatened to kill Jax if he brings it up again certainly isn’t going to change his feelings on the matter. Quite the contrary, really, since it only goes to show that Clay will take out anyone who gets in his way. My guess is that Clay and Jax will continue to butt heads until Gemma is left with no other option but to unite them by exposing her secret.

For the time being, Gemma is trying to deal with the situation on her own. When her attackers send a taunting message through the mail in the form of a Michael Myers mask, however, Gemma decides to confront them by returning it to the store on the name of the bag that it came in. Apparently, she doesn’t realize that the store has since been replaced by Ethan Zobelle’s cigar shop, which means that she never actually knew who attacked her in the first place. I find that a bit implausible since they made a point of showing AJ’s tattoo during the rape scene, but regardless, Gemma definitely knows the truth now, and so does Chief Wayne, who had the best scene of the night when he confronted Ethan in the cigar shop. Gemma, meanwhile, follows AJ to some sort of meeting with the intent of killing him when she hears him talking to his kid on the phone. Conscience is a bitch, but just because Gemma isn’t willing to shoot someone with a family doesn’t mean Clay feels the same way. In fact, if he’s willing to kill his own stepson, shooting AJ should be a walk in the park.

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