The Biggest Loser: If The Shoe Fits…..

Let me start by saying that I am not mean-spirited in the least. But I do root against people that are, and I suspect that most of America does too. On NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families,” there are a few mean-spirited contestants, led by Vicky. Her husband Brady and friend Heba are also mean-spirited, but to a lesser extent. Mostly, they are game-playing teammates. So the show kicked off last night showing them celebrating that Phil was kicked off two weeks ago. Vicky even did a little dance. Meanwhile, this pissed off the black team. Vicky even said something about Phil not being a good “role model for America.” Uh, hello Vicky….no one is a worse role model that you are…and I mean no one that has ever stepped foot on the Biggest Loser campus. And by the way, trainer Bob Harper is still stewing about having a team full of gameplayers. Well, I should preface this by saying that the competition is now individual, but the “team” lines are still clear.

Anyway, since there are always twists, the show began with host Alison Sweeney paying them a visit, which usually means something weird is about to happen Read the rest of this entry »


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The Biggest Loser: Let the Gameplay Begin

Look, we all knew this was coming. “The Biggest Loser: Families” became a team competition again, with blue vs. black. They couldn’t just eliminate two people at a time and have the season end in October. It’s just that when I hear Alison Sweeney say, “But wait, there’s one more twist,” it just makes me angry and want to lose interest. Add the gameplay into it, and the show starts to lose its purpose as well. But anyway, I’m here to recap last night’s episode either way, so here goes….

It began with the first challenge, which was to determine who would be putting the teams together. The task? Eating donuts, brownies, and peanut butter cups in the dark. Whoever ate the most calories got to choose who would be on Bob’s blue team and who would be on Jillian’s black team. Heba and Phil were clearly trying to outdo each other, while some others decided it wasn’t worth it to eat any of the foods they came to the ranch to avoid. Heba won by eating a brownie that was good for like 400 calories. And since she was already pissed that her husband went home last week, she was even more pissed at Phil and split up him and his wife Amy on the teams.

The teams? Bob had Heba, Vicky, Amy P, Amy C and Brady. Jillian had Renee, Colleen, Michelle, Phil and Shellay. So essentially Heba broke up not just Phil and Amy, but Amy C and Shellay as well. Whatever. I have no idea what the strategy was, but it sure as hell pissed off Bob and Jillian Read the rest of this entry »


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