During it’s preliminary run, Rob Corddry’s “Children’s Hospital” was hosted by TheWB.com and drew admiration from critics and fans alike. Now the sitcom is getting picked up by Cartoon Network, which plans to air the first season and subsequent new episodes during its Adult Swim block.

Although “Children’s Hospital” is heading for greener pastures, the WB has still decided to tap Corddry for other projects.

Under terms of the exclusive deal, Corddry will create, exec produce and star in a pilot presentation for the studio.

Warner Bros. has set aside money for Corddry to shoot a project, which would then be shopped to the networks.

Corddry said he’s penning an “unconventional family comedy” in which he’ll play the father; the show will be set in an off-kilter world. Like his hit Web series “Children’s Hospital,” which parodied hospital dramas like “Grey’s Anatomy,” the show also will be a parody, this time on the family laffer.

As for “Children’s Hospital,” which earned critical acclaim during its original 10-episode run on TheWB.com, the sitcom is about to make the transition to the TV screen.

Cartoon Network’s adult-targeted Adult Swim latenight block has picked up the show’s Web run — 10 episodes at five minutes each — and has ordered a second season of 12 new episodes (at an extended 11 minutes each) to run next year.

Meanwhile, Warner’s TheWB.com digital platform has ordered a new Web series from Corddry and his brother Nate (“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”) that center on the siblings as an unlikely rock band.

The mockumentary will feature the brothers as they decide to exit show business in order to pursue their real passion as rock stars — in the style of the Bacon Brothers.

Good to hear that Corddry is back on his feet after “The Winner” bombed. I really enjoyed the first ten episodes of “Children’s Hospital,” which showcased his clever, strange, and goofy sense of humor.