The Biggest Loser: sweet justice

lLast night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” the teammates who had to endure 30 days at home had to weigh in to start the show. And they were told that the one with the highest percentage of weight loss would win immunity for one week for their team. Shannon went first and lost 15 pounds, and was visibly upset, thinking she would have lost twice that. Boo hoo. Then Laura lost 7, Cathy 8, Aubrey 2, Carla 20 (though her starting weight was 368, so a lower percentage than Shannon) and finally Sione lost 25 pounds, snatching victory from Shannon and causing his cousin and partner Felipe to hoot and howl like a monkey. Does anyone else find this guy annoying? I mean, dude, take it easy!

For the challenge, it was a true team event, where the contestants were tied to each other and had to unwind a large amount of rope from a giant spool, and then hope they took enough slack to make it to a finish line. The winning team would get a choice between $5,000 or a 2 pound advantage at the weigh in. Joelle made a comment to Carla that they could win $2500 each, showing just where her priorites are. But no matter, the yellow team of Mandi and Aubrey won.

At the last chance workout, they kept showing Joelle and her utter lack of focus Read the rest of this entry »


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The Biggest Loser: Here We Go Gameplay, Here We Go

The big, ugly thing known as Gameplay has reared its ugly head again on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Last night, just when I thought the contestants were playing the game for the right reasons, they proved me wrong again. Ugh.

First off, everyone was shown as upset with Joelle at the start of the show, because she had shown the week before that she, out of anyone there, did not want to put the effort in to lose weight like everyone else. And then when two very likeable contestants, Dan and Jerry, fell below Joelle at the weigh-in, everyone seemed pissed off that they had to choose between those two rather than Joelle. Meanwhile, they showed some of the at-home contestants, and Dan’s partner Dave was shown eating a piece of fried chicken. Last week it was a couple of hot dogs. What goes on off-camera, Dave? Dude is sabotaging his team, and I have a bad feeling about that.

Then came the temptation challenge, where a contestant (and their teammate at home) could eat some pizza or other equally calorie-dense item, or eat nothing. The team who ate the most calories would “win” the prize of having their trainer give their team some one-on-one training for a few days. Of course, you should be considered a “winner” if you eat nothing. Carla, Joelle’s best friend and partner back in Detroit, ate 2710 calories, while Joelle ate nothing. But it was enough to get a win, and to have Bob Harper travel with Joelle to Detroit to train the gray team. This was humorous, because Bob has been having trouble whipping Joelle into shape to begin with, but Carla, who is very fiery, was getting angry that Joelle did not mirror her fire and desire to win.

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