EW answers 8 lingering questions about the Oscars

EW.com asks and answers eight lingering (and burning) questions about the 2009 Oscars, including why Phillip Seymour Hoffman was wearing a stocking cap on a 75-degree, Southern California day.

Other interesting questions…

What was the motivation behind having five former winners introduce this year’s nominees in each of the acting categories?

Where was Jack Nicholson?

Was Beyoncé lip-synching during the musicals medley?

Who is Sato Masuzawa, the woman Sean Penn called his ”best friend” in his acceptance speech?


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Hugh Jackman – Not bad so far

Hugh Jackman showed off some impressive singing and dancing skills as he opened the 2009 Academy Awards. He also seems to have a decent sense of humor. It looks like he’ll be a great host tonight.

That said, they rolled out five actresses to introduce the Best Supporting Actress Award. Pretty boring so far. Is this what we’ll be seeing all night?


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