Final season of “Game of Thrones” arrives in April 2019

The new promo video for “Game of Thrones” reveals the new target date for the last season, though it’s all old footage as opposed to new footage and clues to the final season.


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Naomi Watts selected to star in “Game of Thrones” prequel

“Game of Thrones” is expected to have five prequels. On the one hand it sounds like fun, though everything seems to get beaten to death these days (see Star Wars!). Still, the new series could be incredible, and obviously casting the beautiful and talented Naomi Watts is a great start!.


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“Game of Thrones” returns in 2019

There are only six episodes left of “Game of Thrones,” and you’ll have to wait until 2019 to see them. HBO confirmed the rumors which will leave many fans frustrated.

It’s surprising that HBO is wrapping up this epic series with so few episodes. Last season seemed to race through developments and shocking turns at such a pace that many fans were left stunned. Now we only get six more episodes to wrap everything up, and we have to wait over a year to see what happens.


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Ready for Game of Thrones?

Season 7 will be here soon!

Who survives this season? I’m guessing Cersei bites the dust!


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Will There Be a Game of Thrones Movie?

gameofthrones13_10 - 477

George R.R Martin is a world renowned short-story writer and novelist from America. He’s famous for writing horror, fantasy and science fiction and is involved in his screen adaptions by notably working as a producer and screenwriter.

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