Hell’s Kitchen: It’s getting catty in here

Last night on “Hell’s Kitchen,” the red team began bickering more than ever, with Andrea and Carol really going at it. This usually leads to a lack of teamwork, which is exactly what happened. Anyway, the show began with the teams learning that they would face off for a Bar Mitzvah dinner service. Ben kept going off about how he was Jewish and he would help his team win and that these were “his people.” Ugh…easy, dude. Anyway, the kid, Max, was there with his mom and grandma, and the teams had to make fine dining versions of Max’s favorite foods–hamburger, chicken soup and brisket.

The blue team won the soup challenge, thanks to Giovanni; the red team won the brisket challenge thanks to L.A.; and the blue team won the burger part, with Robert using a simple Kobe beef burger over Carol’s blue-cheese infested foo-foo burger. Come on Carol, it’s a 12 year old kid! So the blue team won a day of pampering at a spa, and we saw way too much skin, including the many folds of Lacey and part of Robert’s butt crack…..really now, was that necessary? Meanwhile, the red team had to set the dining room up for the Bar Mitzvah celebration later that day. Also, the party planner, Francisco, showed up and annoyed Jean Phillippe, and the two of them engaged in some incredibly fake reality show acting.

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