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American Idol: who saw this coming?

So who saw this coming on “American Idol?” It’s not so much the results that were shocking, but how fast they eliminated semi-finalists to reach the Top 12, which was actually at Top 13. It was truly one of the most exciting episodes I can remember, and as always, there were some good choices and bad choices by both America and the judges.

It went down like this….there were ten seats to the left of Ryan Seacrest, and they would be filled from the 24 seats to Seacrest’s right based on America’s 40 million votes. The Top 5 guys and Top 5 ladies would fill those seats. But after that, the judges would choose three guys and three gals to sing for their lives in order to fill the remaining two chairs as wild cards. Really? They were going to do all of that in two hours? Well, yes they were, and yes they did.

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American Idol: first 12 guys are solid

Last night’s episode of “American Idol” proved one thing–the talent pool, at least so far among the guys, is through the roof. But before they began singing, host Ryan Seacrest announced that on Thursday’s results show, the Top 5 guys and Top 5 girls will be announced, and that the judges would advance the rest as wild cards, meaning that the judges are eliminating contestants this week, not America. America is only voting for their favorites. Very interesting. But regardless, these judges know talent, and are primarily responsible for the wealth of talent this season. With that, let’s break down last night’s performances…..

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