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Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side

When FOX decided to give “Blue Harvest” – the first of the “Family Guy”-themed “Star Wars” specials – its own DVD release separate from the season sets, fans were a little annoyed. The studio must have made a killing in sales, though, because it’s gone one step further in screwing over its loyal audience by releasing the follow-up, “Something Something Something Dark Side,” direct to DVD. The betrayal wouldn’t burn so much if the 54-minute special lived up to the quality of its predecessor, but despite the reputation of the film it’s spoofing, this is one sequel that falls well short of that. There are a few good jokes about AT-ATs, the shitty accuracy of Stormtroopers, and the looming fate of Luke’s right hand, but a majority of the jokes fall flat. It feels more like a straight retelling of “The Empire Strikes Back” with “Family Guy” characters than a parody, and though guys like Mort Goldstein (as Lando Calrissian), Carter Pewterschmidt (as Emperor Palpatine) and the Giant Chicken (as Boba Fett) finally have a role to play in the story, it’s more out of necessity than because it’s funny. The addition of a snarky pop-up trivia track helps increase the special’s replay value, but it doesn’t change the fact that “Something Something Something Dark Side” is a bit of an unexpected disappointed for fans of “Star Wars” and “Family Guy” alike.

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“Family Guy” has “Something Something” for you

If you’re a “Family Guy” fan — or a “Star Wars” fan — chances are you saw the show’s parody of “Episode IV: A New Hope” a couple of years ago, and it shouldn’t surprise you that the Griffin clan is going to lampoon “The Empire Strikes Back” in the season 8 finale, titled “Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.” But heck, why wait until the episode’s network airdate next May when you can buy it on DVD and Blu-ray in just a few weeks?

And for that matter, why wait weeks to see it when you can check out a few minutes from it right this very minute? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the “Something, Something, Something, Dark Side” trailer:

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