Bullz-Eye’s Badass Bracket: Final Match

It started with 32 competitors. Now it’s down to the final two.

It’d be nice to write something original for once, but the fact remains – Indiana Jones has surprised us yet again. After upsetting #1 seed Jack Bauer in the first round and then steamrolling over the likes of Doc Holliday, John McClane and Maximus, the archaeologist-turned-adventurer will now face off against his most formidable opponent yet: Batman.

Sure the Dark Knight has been just as much of a wild card in this competition as his challenger, bouncing the bracket’s other #1 seed Dirty Harry in the Sweet 16 while also knocking off staff favorite Tony Montana, but he hasn’t advanced to the final match quite as easily as Indy. It’ll be interesting to see how the two iconic heroes match up, specifically because they’re so similar in so many ways. And before you declare shenanigans on this whole bracket, remember one thing: none of us ever thought either one of these guys would get this far.

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Bullz-Eye’s Badass Bracket: Final Four

A martial artist, a superhero, a gladiator, and…a college professor? The temptation to cue the “Sesame Street” song, “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other,” has never been stronger, but as has been proven week after week, it doesn’t pay to underestimate anyone in this bracket. (It seems like a lifetime ago that Indiana Jones entered the competition as the low-seated underdog; somehow, we never saw it coming that he’d take that omnipresent bullwhip of his and use it to whip the asses of all comers.)

These four guys have fought a lot of hard battles to get to where they are today, but after several weeks of sparring, we’re finally down to the four biggest, baddest badasses of the bunch, and it’s anyone’s guess which pair will end up in that final match. Batman and Lee would certainly appear on the surface to be the more evenly matched – two masters of hand to hand combat, each with their own arsenal of bad-ass moves – but as far as Indy versus Maximus…well, we’ve seen brawn triumph over brains in the past, but, then, we’ve also seen Indy triumph over everybody.

In the long run, there are no guarantees who’ll come out victorious…but we sure can’t wait to see who finally does.

Click here to check out the full bracket, and then vote for your favorite badass!

(#2) Maximus vs. (#16) Indiana Jones
(#7) Lee vs. (#8) Batman


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Bullz-Eye’s Badass Bracket: Elite Eight

The Elite Eight of our Badass Bracket is a who’s who at the job fair of badassity. Do you want to be a martial arts expert or an archaeologist? Maybe you’d prefer the perk-laden but unstable life of a drug lord. Or, if you loathe those who prey on the weak, you can be a vigilante crime fighter. Is a life of protecting and serving more your thing? Perhaps you’d rather be a renegade cop or a mentally deranged Special Forces soldier. Then again, maybe you just want to go medieval, in which case there are at least two positions that are yours for the taking.

Whatever side of the law these eight men fight for, they all have one thing in common: they know that nice guys finish last. Hell, even some of the meanest guys in our bracket (#1 seeds Jack Bauer and Harry Callahan, Tony Soprano, Keyser Soze, Al Swearengen) finished last. Word has it that Indiana Jones has been working on toughening up his act, but every time he practices swearing in the mirror, his father slaps him for committing blasphemy.

Click here to check out the full bracket, and then vote for your favorite badass!

(#2) Maximus vs. (#6) Conan the Barbarian
(#4) John McClane vs. (#16) Indiana Jones
(#3) Rambo vs. (#7) Lee
(#8) Batman vs. (#13) Tony Montana


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BE’s Badass Bracket: Round Three

This is one lean, mean Sweet 16. Law enforcement has done extremely well so far (though the police do not condone the actions of either McClane or Callahan, and have scheduled anger management sessions and sensitivity training for both), but representatives of the New York, Miami and Los Angeles branches of organized crime are ready, willing and able to bust a cap. Unfortunately for the gangsters, two of them – Jules Winnfield and Tony Montana – face off against each other, leaving them at least one soldier down in the Elite Eight.

Ellen Ripley has her hands full against the flying firsts of Lee, the meddling archaeologist takes on the drunk gunslinger, and in what is perhaps the most intriguing battle of the round, the cannibal squares off with the biggest slice of beefcake in the bracket. Saddle up, voters: it’s time to throw down.

Click here to check out the full bracket, and then vote for your favorite badass!

(#16) Indiana Jones vs. (#9) Doc Holliday
(#12) James Bond vs. (#4) John McClane
(#6) Conan vs. (#3) Hannibal Lecter
(#7) Sonny Corleone vs. (#2) Maximus

(#1) Dirty Harry vs. (#8) Batman
(#5) Jules Winnfield vs. (#13) Tony Montana
(#6) Rooster Cogburn vs. (#3) John Rambo
(#7) Lee vs. (#2) Ripley


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Bullz-Eye’s Badass Bracket: Round 2

BAB Round 2

Who is the biggest badass in entertainment history? We split the 32 contestants into two brackets and seeded each bracket 1-16. Now, it’s on you. Each week, we’ll open up different portions of the bracket for voting, with the winner of each matchup moving on to the next round until we’ve crowned a badass champion.

The lone female entry in Round One fared poorly, but the two women in Round Two have a lust for revenge. Ellen Ripley, scourge of all things alien, does battle with the Sexy Beast (Don Logan), while everyone’s favorite vampire slayer Buffy Summers is up against…a man in a bat suit. How fitting.

In our “I Love the ’70s” matchup, John Shaft goes mano a mano with Lee (“Enter the Dragon”), and the Old West is represented by badasses both good (Rooster Cogburn) and evil (Al Swearengen). The ultimate battle of good versus evil, however, features Tony “Scarface” Montana taking on the man who gave baby Jesus the gift of beard: Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger. There is also dueling mobsters, dueling gun nuts, and dueling psychos. Get your freak on.

Check out our full bracket to follow along, or just click on any one of the match-ups below and vote for your favorite badass:

(#1) Dirty Harry vs. (#16) Travis Bickle
(#2) Ellen Ripley vs. (#15) Don Logan
(#3) John Rambo vs. (#14) Tommy DeVito
(#4) Cord Walker vs. (#13) Tony Montana
(#5) Jules Winnfield vs. (#12) Keyser Soze
(#6) Rooster Cogburn vs. (#11) Al Swearengen
(#7) Lee vs. (#10) John Shaft
(#8) Batman vs. (#9) Buffy Summers


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