So last week “The Biggest Loser” left us all hanging with Mikey about to get on the scale. If he lost 10 pounds or more, everyone would be staying another week. Well, did you think they were going to start a show with someone being eliminated? Nope, Mikey lost 11. But then Alison Sweeney had them all go outside where there would be a pop challenge in which everyone had to lean against a wall with a medicine ball in his/her lap and stay there. Also, this week, the blue and black teams would be facing off individually, with the winner of this challenge setting the matchups. Of course, Tara won. I mean, she wins all these things unless Laura brings her down. So since the black team has an extra contestant, Tara had to sit out one person from her team at the weigh in, and she chose herself since she had been losing double-digits every single week so far. I thought it was a smart move. The matchups were Mike/Cathy, Sione/Mandi, Filipe/Kristin, Helen/Ron and Aubrey/Laura.

Then came the challenge, a relay race in which the teams had to drag medicine balls through water, up stairs and onto a basketball court while doing squats. My legs hurt just thinking about it all. The winner would have 24 hours of luxury at a spa resort. Of course, the black team has Tara so they won, but barely. And the entire team started getting into trouble at dinner, eating badly, drinking tequila shots and even smoking (I’m not sure if anyone but Helen was smoking, but still…). Anyway, the black team knew they shouldn’t have done this, as they consumed like 15,000 calories as a team and the blue team only consumed 1600 calories at their meal. The black team was also incredibly cocky. But when they returned to the ranch and Jillian gave them an earful, Filipe flipped out and he and Sione went running back to Bob, or as Jillian said, “running back to Daddy.” Pretty funny, but sad and weird. Those guys need to loosen up and get over it. Maybe Jillian is harsh, but she wants to win too.

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