I don’t know whether it’s the liberating effect of the magic naughty NSFW red band, but this trailer is a lot more fun than other trailers for this possible awards contender I vaguely recall seeing and ignoring.

“Love and Other Drugs” is the latest from the reliably engaging and Oscar-friendly, but also wildly uneven director Edward Zwick (“Glory,” “The Last Samurai,” “Courage Under Fire,” “Blood Diamond“), who sadly tends to sell his own material short but occasionally makes really solid movies. The director’s latest has Zwick getting closer to his “30 Something” roots with an apparently fact based tale of a horndog Viagra salesmen played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who might have been born for a part like this, and Anne Hathaway who, whether she means to or not, presents an outstanding argument for monogamy.

Love and Other Drugs – Exclusive Red Band Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers