Kate Beckinsale goes hiking with Kevin Nealon

Lovely Kate Beckinsale joins Kevin Nealon on his new YouTube series where he takes celebrities on a hike. She’s as charming as ever, and Kevin adds some funny bits even as he’s breathing heavily throughout the entire video. It seems like a take on Seinfeld’s car interview series. It’s worth checking out just to see Kate . . .


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“Bohemian Rhapsody” hits theaters this weekend

The long-awaited Queen biopic arrives this weekend. The reviews are a bit mixed, but even the less complimentary reviews acknowledge it’s a fun ride celebrating the music and career of this great rock band. Also, most praise the performance of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury. With Queen’s amazing music on full display, it’s hard to imagine this one won’t be fun, even if it isn’t the most nuanced story one could tell about this band.


The Top Horror-Movie Inspired Online Slots

Online slots are so much fun. There are just so many options to pick from that you really don’t know where to start. Whether you’re a movie, TV show, sports or comic book fan, you can be sure there’s an online slot that will appeal to your likes. For fans of Hollywood blockbusters, it’s easy – there are several dozens of slots inspired by different movie genres you can play for fun or real money at novibet.co.uk.

Do you like horror movies? Many film fans don’t – they are scary and can cause nightmares that last for days before you realize there’s no monster under the bed. Still, horrors are a thrilling experience and have been dazzling the public for a long time. Some iconic characters from horror movies have been a major part of pop-culture for decades and you can bet they’ve made their way to online slots as well.


The 1978 John Carpenter movie Halloween gave birth to the hugely successful slasher genre, inspiring later hits such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. Who can forget the surreal blank stare of Michael Myers’ iconic mask? Halloween was one of the first blockbuster horror movies in Hollywood and set the tone in the genre for decades later.

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The new “Halloween” gets solid reviews


With the flood of reboots, it’s hard to get excited about yet another “Halloween” movie, but this one bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis is getting some very solid reviews.

Here’s a take from the Bullz-Eye.com review:

Those elements aside, “Halloween” is an engaging, brutal, creepy and occasionally hilarious horror film. All of the actors, including Will Patton as a local police officer and Toby Huss as Karen’s husband, deliver great work, covering the emotional gamut while feeling natural and very relatable. It’s a wonder to see Curtis inhabit the role again, stepping into Laurie’s shoes once more but in a different way. The character is written and performed beautifully; she’s a flawed person who is still broken in many ways but also contains a well of strength in the face of evil. The fact that her pain and anger have caused so many problems in her life and with her loved ones is a sad but recognizable facet of her traumatic experience. The filmmakers take great care not to paint Laurie as a misunderstood genius or a basket case but instead as someone whose life was forever altered in ways she may never understand due to her violent encounter.

Check it out.


The great John Cazale

Very cool fact about the incomparable John Cazale: