Marisa Tomei shines in Spider-Man

Another Spider-Man movie? Already?!?

Even with what seems like too many reboots, the reviews seem to be great so far, and the new film also let’s Marisa Tomei shine as a younger and sexier Aunt May.

Here’s some shots of her in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”


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Ready for Game of Thrones?

Season 7 will be here soon!

Who survives this season? I’m guessing Cersei bites the dust!


Best Gambling movies

You may desire to take some time away from the reels and the confusing odds, but you still have the urge to feel the thrill which gambling brings. What better way to do so than to relax on your couch enjoying some crunchy tasty popcorn while watching the best gambling related movies? There are hundreds if not thousands of such films out there and we are going to share with you some of the gambling movies which always make the top 10 favourites list.

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11 little-known facts about Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous Hollywood stars. The movies like “Titanic,” “The Great Gatsby,” “Romeo + Juliet,” “Shutter Island,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” are known and loved by millions of fans all over the world. The actor is constantly in the center of attention, and many are sure that they know almost everything about him. But Leo still has a couple of secrets.

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Sex Symbols of the Golden Age of Hollywood

These great Hollywood actresses still are the standards of beauty. They can quite compete with the current stars of the big cinema. Let’s take a short walk into the past and find out a few interesting facts from their life …

Liz Taylor

She’s so beautiful that it’s impossible to confuse Liz with anyone! She began her career when she was still very young, in the “Lassie”. Then people started talking about her as a most beautiful actress with violet eyes. Officially, she married eight times, with actor Richard Burton – twice. Unofficially, she was called the “Queen of Hollywood”. Liz was very fond of life and she knew how to get pleasure from it. She had many awards, including three Oscar statuettes. She was also the owner of a luxurious collection of diamonds and other valuable stones, which her husband presented to her.

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