What’s next for Marvel after the Infinity Wars?

It all comes down to this. “Avengers: Infinity War” arrived in cinemas on April 27 with the supervillain Thanos finally joining the party. But, with thousands of characters and the ability to draw big-name, talented actors and directors to their films, we can’t help but wonder what will come after the Infinity Wars. It has been reported that there are another 20 films to come after the Infinity Wars.

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Top 10 Films About Homelessness in America

“Cinema is truth at 24 frames per second.” – Jean-Luc Godard.

Movies have become that proverbial campfire we gather around to hear stories. With film, you can experience a myriad of emotions, such as love, amazement, anger and fear. Movies help us move through time while also freezing time by taking hold of the senses that tell us what is and isn’t real.

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2018 Film Awards Season Recap

For film fans, the new year doesn’t really begin until culminates the film awards season starts. Many film buffs wait in suspense to see if the industry agrees with their picks for the top films, acting performances, and production work of the past year.

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An Essos Far, Far Away: Game of Throne Writers to Pen New Star Wars Trilogy

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, the next 10 years or so should get you excited. As well as the ninth instalment of the Skywalker saga in December 2019, there’s this year’s Han Solo standalone movie, Rian Johnson’s upcoming trilogy, a rumoured Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, and a series of TV shows that Disney has announced are in development.

Meanwhile, as creators of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, are concluding the epic series, they have already lined up their next job. And it’s a big one. The writing duo will set to work, writing and producing, on a series of Star Wars movies.

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Are Movie Franchises Going Over the Top?

When it comes to the world of movies, there are some that have been turned into huge franchises that have become enormously successful around the world. For instance, Star Wars is a huge hit around the globe and for many fans there will never be enough of the Star Wars movies to keep them satisfied.

However, there are also many other movies that started out as just a single movie and enjoyed success. But then a second movie came along, and a third, and a fourth, and so on. For many people, this equated to those involved with the movie simply trying to squeeze every last cent out of moviegoers with many complaining that the subsequent movies were by far inferior to the first one.

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