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How to satisfy your cougar in the bedroom


Ever since Tom Cruise started boffing Rebecca De Mornay in the early 80’s film, Risky Business, bagging older chicks suddenly became rather cool. As the years rolled on, the age of a young man’s preferred conquest consistently ventured higher and in 2009 the mainstream release of Cougar Town – headed by that sordid minx Courtney Cox – finally confirmed that having a sexy older woman on your arm now gains you the ultimate lad points.

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How Some Cars Became Iconic Movie Stars

The central characters in movies are not always the people themselves. In certain movies, the star of the show is a particular car or vehicle. Certain cars have stuck in movie lovers’ minds long after the credits have rolled. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of particular vehicles, including how the car looks, what particular features it has, and the kind of action that it is involved in.

Unique Features

Certain cars have become favorites of movie-goers because of their unique features. Some have special gadgets that everyone wishes they had in their own vehicles, while others have such a unique look to them that they are unforgettable. Some movie cars are extremely rare, which also makes them loved and adored.

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Great “Titanic” spoof

People love to take shots at “Titanic” as it made billions with millions of women who couldn’t get enough of Leo and all the romance.

Still, it’s an excellent movie with incredible action scenes and a clever plot that kept us involved even though we all knew that the damn boat was going to sink.

That doesn’t mean of course that you can’t have some fun with it, as the good folks at Honest Trailers do with the clip above.

Best ever horseracing movies

There have been quite a few racing movies down the years but three stand out as the best ever racing movies for very different reasons:

1. National Velvet – 1944

This is a family tearjerker of a movie about the Grand National held in the UK each year – probably the most famous race over jumps in the world. Filmed in glorious Technicolor at Pebble Beach funnily enough – this was the film that launched the career of young Elizabeth Taylor. It’s a real family favorite and a ripping yarn. Your children will love it!

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R.I.P. Mike Nichols

Sometimes you really don’t think about an iconic director until he’s gone. With the passing of Mike Nichols, we’re hearing from tons of actors and actresses about the man’s genius as a director. Then you go to his IMDb page and realize the man directed many of your favorite movies.

Of course there are well-known classics like “The Graduate” on his resume, and then you realize he directed gems like “Biloxi Blues” and “Regarding Henry” as well. This would be a great time to search your Netflix account for some Mike Nichols films you haven’t seen yet.