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Last season of “Two and a Half Men”

Does anyone really care?

I haven’t watched this show much since they dumped crazy Charlie, so I don’t have much of an opinion on this. The Jon Cryer/Ashton Kutcher version rarely made me laugh the few times I watched it, though the ratings haven’t been bad. By announcing the last season and Chuck Lorre saying he is “creating a season-long event,” maybe they can go out with a bang. Bringing back Charlie Sheen would be a great strategy of course.

Anyways, it was once a terrific show, and we at least have the Charlie Sheen reruns.

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Movies and slot machines

Some say Hollywood is in itself a great game of roulette: producers bet their money on a script, set the wheel in motion (start making a movie) and wait for it to be a winning or losing bet. If the movie they bet on is a blockbuster, their money returns to them multiplied. If not, they lose, and can get ready for the next spin.

The movie and gaming industry have several points of touch.

First of all, there are several video games based on successful movies. Unfortunately, most of these are not made to be great, but as another way to promoting the movie itself, and when the buzz around the movie ends, the games themselves are forgotten – like Enter the Matrix, for example.

Then there are those successful video games that are turned into Hollywood movies. There are quite some examples: “Doom,” “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Hitman,” “Wing Commander” or “Resident Evil,” to mention just a few. “Resident Evil” has had a considerable success streak, but many others with potential have disappeared into oblivion, failing to live up to their fans’ expectations.

Then, there are the games inspired by movies – these are the ones that I consider the most successful. Especially the ones available in online casinos – and “more especially” the slot machines. These are the games that never go out of style, no matter how long ago the movie or TV show they are based on was released.

I have seen quite a few, and I must say these were the only ones that didn’t disappoint. I have played the Battlestar Galactica slot machine, and I felt like being part of an episode of the series, even if I was always aware of the fact that I am playing with a casino game for money. It was immersive, it had that specific atmosphere.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is also one of my favorite titles. It’s loosely based on the movie with the same title signed by Christopher Nolan, and several of the characters of the movie are featured as symbols on the slot machine’s reels. It features fight scenes between Bane and the Batman, cut scenes from the movie and it also has its unmistakable atmosphere.

I think the key to the success of these games – even though they are only a series of games of chance with themes inspired by the movies – is that fans of the movies that inspired them don’t expect to be overwhelmed, to be shown something new, when playing them – instead they pay a small tribute to the movie by playing the game based on it. And if the games proves to be good, that’s a plus.

The games I have mentioned above are available at the Royal Vegas online casino. You can see top movie themed slot games here.

Colbert on Colbert

Yes, Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman, and of course it’s great to hear Steven Colbert discussing it.

Look what they are smoking

It has been more than a decade that electronic cigarettes, better known as the e-cigarette or simply e-cigs, are warming the shelves in the market, but it lacked presence in Hollywooduntil pretty recently. The portrayal of E-Cigarette on the big screen has triggered fresh ripples across the Hollywood celebrity community and since then it is gaining rapid popularity. Being one of the first realistic substitutes of traditional cigarettes, some Hollywood celebrities have accepted this new assortment and have also stepped forward in accepting endorsements.
“The Tourist,” was one of the prime breakthroughs, where leading actor Johnny Depp was spotted e-smoking in the film. Depp was using his e-cigarette on a train, and on being asked about his smoking in a “no smoking” area, his simple reply was that he was not smoking at all and that e-cigarettes are free from the public smoking ban.

Our other star who has taken the e-cigarette habit and has been spotted numerous times smoking these products on the regular is Model Kate Moss. Lately we have even seen Charlie Sheen,our favourite “Two and a half men” star, working on an endorsing of an E-Cig company advertised as the ‘The Winning E-Cigarette Sheen Safe Smoke.’ From its portrayal it is understood that Sheen has also become one of several partners in the E-Cigarette company.

Amongst other the well-known Hollywood star, Jenny McCarthy, “The View” co-host, have been encouraging the use of Electronic cigarettes against traditional cigarettes. She has also endorsed the e-cigarette brand Blu and can be seen in its commercials. She explains that, now her mouth doesn’t taste like an ashtray, her love life has improved and she feels better about herself. The e-cigs have provided her with a way to smoke without making her feel like a social outcast. This year we even saw Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus smoking e-cigarettes at the honourable Golden Globe Award ceremony.

E-cigarette is one of the best nicotine replacement products as it has lesser toxic effects than traditional cigarettes. Studies reveal that e-cigarettes are one of the best aid for smoking cessation. It is more effective than traditional pharmacotherapy, mostly because puffing on the e-cigarette gives a more traditional feel and is more effective in dealing with as well as improving short term cravings. Read here for more on Ecigarette review.

2.7% of U.S adults have tried electronic cigarettes and a staggering 31% of those who have tried e-cigs ended up quitting tobacco based cigarettes within a 3 month period. Estimates are that 45 million people smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes and today the number of electronic cigarette smokers are well above 2.5 and rising.Recently we have also seen, Lindsay Lohan, using the electronic replacement for cigarettes, which we presume is aimed at her smoking cessation.

Other prominent Hollywood celebrities like Simon Cowell, Katherine Heigl, Courtney Love, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattison, have also been spotted using e-cigs. Read more about Ecigarette here.

Oscar predicitons

Who will win on Sunday night? A.O. Scott from the New York Times joins Morning Joe to give his favorites and predicitons in the major categories.