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Arnold congratulates Sly Stallone on his Golden Globe

With social media these days we can see real time interactions like this one from Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulating Sylvester Stallone for his award for best supporting actor for his reprisal of Rocky Balboa in “Creed.”

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More Superheroes On Primetime

How much do you know about comics? Maybe you’ve grown up collecting comic books…or perhaps you are a fan of the big blockbuster movies, but here are a few things you probably don’t know:

1) In the 1960s, Batman was nearly killed off due to low sales.
2) Superman was originally supposed to be bald and evil. (Maybe this is what inspired Lex Luther?)
3) The word, “zombies” was trademarked by Marvel from 1975-1996.
4) The term, “superhero” was first used back in 1917.
5) Of the three major comic book publishers, Marvel ranks #1, DC is #2, and Image is #3.
6) The most valuable comic book movie fanchises are: Spider-Man ($3.96 billion), Batman ($3.8 billion), X-Men ($3.05 billion), Iron Man ($2.42 billion), and Marvel Avengers (1.53 billion)

This TV season, there are a number of Primetime shows that are based off of our favorite comics. Shows like Gotham and The Flash just entered their second season; Arrow is on season four, while The Walking dead started it’s sixth season. There are also a number of new programs like Supergirl (CBS), Legends of Tomorrow (CW), Krypton (Syfy), and others. It’s time to catch all of the action on DIRECTV…it is how TV is meant to be seen.

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Top 5 Slots Based on Famous TV Series

We love TV. And there’s no shame in that. TV has become a lot more exciting over the years, and thanks to Netflix, it’s almost too easy to watch what you want when you want. Nowadays you can even get your TV fix when you play online. Microgaming, NetEnt, and a lot of other game providers have partnered up with Hollywood studios to put some of the most iconic TV shows into their slot games. And the results are usually awesome. Take these 5 games, for example.

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Get ready for the horror flicks . . . .

It’s October, so naturally it’s time for a flood of horror movies.

Check out the new trailer for “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.”

Is there this much drama in cooking?

When you watch this trailer for the new film “Burnt,” it almost comes across as a caricature of movie trailers. With an excellent cast led by Bradley Cooper, perhaps they’ll pull this off, but it seems a bit forced.

AS for drama and cooking, we’ve seen an explosion of cooking content on TV, so perhaps this offers a good subject matter for a new film. We’ll see . . . .