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R.I.P. Mike Nichols

Sometimes you really don’t think about an iconic director until he’s gone. With the passing of Mike Nichols, we’re hearing from tons of actors and actresses about the man’s genius as a director. Then you go to his IMDb page and realize the man directed many of your favorite movies.

Of course there are well-known classics like “The Graduate” on his resume, and then you realize he directed gems like “Biloxi Blues” and “Regarding Henry” as well. This would be a great time to search your Netflix account for some Mike Nichols films you haven’t seen yet.

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When casino scenes are for losers

What is it with Hollywood writers and gambling scenes? Along with the court case and the car chase the super casino scene is one of the film world’s stock clichés. When the card sharking or the table technique is central to the plot – think Rain Man, Casino, or Casino Royale – I have less of a beef. At least the producers in those cases were prepared to put their money where their mouths were. If you’re going for a cliché do it properly.

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Top Gambling Picks in Hollywood Flicks

It is the dream of anyone needing to make a quick buck to be able to gamble in the world of Hollywood movies. All you would need to do is find some hopeless small town sports team made up of big hearted, good humoured but unfit losers. Throw in a beloved training ground under threat from some evil international corporation and an eccentric, down-on-his-luck former sports coach looking for that one last piece of glory and you have yourself a winner! Once you had discovered this perfect Hollywood set-up, you could sit back, place your 10 dollar bet and watch them cruise their way to victory and the money roll into your back account. Sadly, in reality, if the odds are low then so is the chance of you getting back in the green. However, just in case you wake up tomorrow in the world of against the odds comebacks and heartwarming underdogs succeeding, here are three surefire gambles from the land of the silver screen.

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Honest trailer of “Transformers” movies

This sums up the abomination of Micheal Bay movies better than anything I’ve seen, and it’s friggin hilarious!

Best line: “Megan Fox, who once again combines the looks of a professional porn star with the acting of an amateur porn star.”

Just awesome!

Get ready for “Birdman”

“Birdman” is getting a ton of buzz with its all-star cast featuring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Amy Ryan. Check it out this weekend.