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Two Modern Horse Racing Films To Watch

Anticipation for the UK’s horse racing extravaganza, The Cheltenham Festival, is beginning to build.

Horse racing is a British institution and has been for nearly 400 years. It is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, both literally and figuratively, particularly given the excitement which greeted the recent release of the odds for the 2015 Cheltenham Festival.

Moreover, it is not just within the sporting world that horse racing has seen enduring success. It has also been a reliable subject matter for the silver screen since the film medium’s inception. Within this sub-genre of horse racing films there have been several timeless classics that scored big both at the box-office and during award season.

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The Gambler Preview

Director: Rupert Wyatt
Screenwriter: William Monahan
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman and Brie Larson
Release Date: 25th December 2014

Hollywood movies have long been obsessed with the charged and risky atmosphere of the casino. Even with the rise of online gambling, with many now making their high-stake plays from the privacy of their own homes, Hollywood still cannot get enough of the duality of sin and luxury offered by the casino setting. Therefore, in honour of Hollywood’s continued affair with glittering chandeliers, seedy dealings and shuffling cards, we’ve taken a look at the star-studded remake of The Gambler.

The original movie, released in 1974, was an equally slick and melancholic drama which, although later gaining cult-status, found little appreciation upon its original release. The Gambler was directed by Karel Reisz, who is best known for directing Meryl Streep’s Oscar-nominated performance in The French Lieutenant’s Woman, and written by James Toback, who based the narrative loosely off his own experiences. The film focuses on Harvard-educated professor Axel Freed, who is both an inspiration to his students and beloved by his family and friends. However, Axel – played with the perfect mixture of charisma and pathos by James Caan – has a secret; a potent gambling addiction that is quickly spiralling out of control.

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Sony pulls “The Interview”

So you make a movie about assassinating North Korea’s Dear Leader . . . What could go wrong?

Following a massive computer hack and more threats from the nuts in North Korea, Sony is pulling “The Interview” from its scheduled theater release.

It’s a pretty gutless move by Sony, letting those fanatics impact what we watch in this country. Lame!

How to satisfy your cougar in the bedroom


Ever since Tom Cruise started boffing Rebecca De Mornay in the early 80’s film, Risky Business, bagging older chicks suddenly became rather cool. As the years rolled on, the age of a young man’s preferred conquest consistently ventured higher and in 2009 the mainstream release of Cougar Town – headed by that sordid minx Courtney Cox – finally confirmed that having a sexy older woman on your arm now gains you the ultimate lad points.

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How Some Cars Became Iconic Movie Stars

The central characters in movies are not always the people themselves. In certain movies, the star of the show is a particular car or vehicle. Certain cars have stuck in movie lovers’ minds long after the credits have rolled. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of particular vehicles, including how the car looks, what particular features it has, and the kind of action that it is involved in.

Unique Features

Certain cars have become favorites of movie-goers because of their unique features. Some have special gadgets that everyone wishes they had in their own vehicles, while others have such a unique look to them that they are unforgettable. Some movie cars are extremely rare, which also makes them loved and adored.

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