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Badass Wonder Woman Official Comic-Con Trailer

The “Wonder Woman” trailer was released recently at Comic-Con, and naturally this new film from DC Comics looks pretty badass. Gal Gadot is beautiful and seems like a perfectly cast actress for the part. Even fans of the amazing Lynda Carter will likely be impressed as well.

The WWI setting for the film offers an interesting perspective on the story – let’s see if this ends up being a good decision.

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What Are The Best Gambling Movies Of All Time

By which criteria does one select the best gambling movie? Is it the one in which the most bets are placed or one that is a true depiction of real money gambling. This then creates another dilemma, can we fairly rank movies based on true events together with fictional movies. There can never be fair and ultimate list of the best gambling movies of all time.

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Will “Hands of Stone” live up to Duran legend?

The story of Roberto Duran is one of the most compelling in boxing history, so it’s no surprise Hollywood will give it a shot. The trailer shows some promise, but this seems like a pretty glitzy take on the story, while something grittier seems more appropriate. Will it work? We’ll see in August.

5 Apps and Services to Stream, Watch Movies


In this post, we’re going to tell you about apps that can help you stream/watch movies and download them too. We covered apps to include as many OS as possible, though an individual app might not work in certain Operating Systems.

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The Appeal of Cult Films

Short cult films and full length films have a long tradition of loyal fans spanning decades and decades of loyalty. These cult films could range from comedies, to musicals, to horror flicks. Short Cult Films can also be shrouded in dark recesses of the human mind and go places where normal film makers wouldn’t. A cult producer can push the envelope of creativity and go against the grain of what the norm is. Instead of a normal color film, they can go with a darker black and white picture. Some can be psychological, using images so that the viewer comes up with their own interpretation of what they are seeing. Music can often set the scene and the tone of how it is viewed. If the images are dark and morbid then haunting sounds can be used to invoke those feelings with what they are seeing.

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