Felicity Jones discusses Stormtroopers

Yes, shooting Stormtroopers has to be fun as the lovely Felicity Jones explains in this clip, but she explains they also make her a little bit jumpy as well. We’re definitely looking forward to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” which premiered last night.

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Johnny Depp dips at the box office

For the second straight year, Johnny Depp takes the Forbes title as the most overpaid actor in Hollywood as he continues to ring up box office flops.


How the Movie Industry Continues to Innovate


Hollywood is known for innovation. Dinosaurs, earthquakes, tornadoes, black holes – the movie industry has found ways to bring all sorts of wild and wonderful things to life. But what’s next? How can Hollywood get fans involved at a time when other modes of entertainment, like gaming and streaming TV, are eating up their time?

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Cameron Diaz Consults Psychics

Capture - Cameron Diaz car wash

Cameron Diaz has graced our TV screens since her first role in The Mask in 1994. She’s appeared in many subsequent films, often playing funny characters in titles such as There’s Something About Mary, romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding and has even starred as Fiona in Shrek.

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The Biggest Silver Screen Successes of 2016

As far as successful films go, 2016 has had one hell of a ride. From family-friendly movies such as Finding Dory clearing an eye watering $1 billion dollars all whilst still showing in cinemas, to R-Rated violence fests like Deadpool shocking the studios and breaking almost $800 million! This has definitely been the year for big money films. Check out some prime examples of the numbers this year has provided for the silver screen.

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