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Nude Celebrity Pictures Don’t Damage Apple’s Share Price

Nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian not only threatened to crash the internet last week, but cause a major downswing for Apple’s shares. However, if you were to log onto trade fair online recently, you’d have seen that the compromising images and rumours of a security breach had little bearing on the Apple’s financial strength.

Indeed, despite rumours circulating that the source of nude celebrity photos was a flaw in Apple’s iCloud software, the company’s share price closed at $103.30 late last week. This represents an immediate increase of 0.78% and a +48.41% rise during 2014, leaving the company with a $618.55 value.

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The 10 most shocking celebrity medical mistakes

The tragic death of comedy legend Joan Rivers has raised questions about the level of care she received when she underwent what should have been a routine operation. The famously sharp-tongued Rivers died after being rushed to hospital when she had a cardiac arrest during an outpatient procedure to remove nodules from her throat.

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Best of Craig

Daniel Craig

Although it has yet to be given a title, the 24th James Bond film is edging ever closer to filming. The movie will see Daniel Craig return to play the titular spy for a fourth, and presumably, penultimate time, whilst director Sam Mendes is also back.

We owe thanks to Craig. Despite the Cheshire actor facing huge public backlash when cast in 2006, he has managed to rejuvenate the Hollywood franchise. So what are Craig’s definitive Bond moments?

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Next Bond?

The last instalment of James Bond, Skyfall, was nothing short of fantastic. The darker, more ominous Bond was something of real class, with Daniel Craig’s performance as the titular character being a masterclass in action hero acting. However, the Cheshire actor is now 46-years-old; he’ll be a year older when Bond 24 is released in 2015. It is no secret that the studio, MGM, will be starting to look for new Bonds, so who is in with a chance?

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“Sin City” opens without banned Eva Green poster

Eva Green rejected Sin City poster

Eva Green has perfect breasts, so the good folks who produced “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” were smart enough to featured one of her puppies on their movie poster. Things couldn’t have worked out better for them, as the tight-assed MPAA rejected the poster for being too provocative, giving the film some free publicity. The film isn’t bad according to our friends at Bullz-Eye, so check out Eva and her knockers.