Bruce Springsteen on The Late Show

Bruce Springsteen stopped by The Late Show to promote his new book, and Stephen Colbert pressed him on his top 5 all-time Bruce songs. Frankly it was a pretty lame question, as Bruce didn’t really get into answering it, but some of his selections were interesting.

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Looking back on “Battlestar Gallactica”


Created by Glen Larson and beginning in 1978, Battlestar Galactica keeps on coming back. There have been films, television series, books comics and games all based around a science fiction world thought up by Larson. All productions begin with the same basic idea – a group of 12 human colonies engage in a war with the alien Cylons who want to wipe out the humans. They attack all of the colonies and most of the humans are killed, meaning the survivors flee. One large spaceship, named Battlestar Galactica has survived the attack and they go off in search of a mythical thirteenth colony, Earth.

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Marilu Henner joins Dancing with the Stars

One of our all-time favorite redheads, the lovely Marilu Henner, will be joing “Dancing with the Stars” for the new season. You can see from the photo below that Marilu still looks pretty spectacular after all these years. We loved her as Elaine Nardo in her “Taxi” days so we’re looking forward to seeing this curvy redhead dancing on TV this fall.

Get ready to vote for Marilu & Derek on the upcoming season of #DWTS!

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The long wait for Game of Thrones

For rabid fans of “Game of Thrones,” the year-long wait for Season 7 will be hard enough without teasers like this one from Maisie Williams, who warns that “Nothing will prepare you for Season 7!!”

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Eva Green & Josh Hartnett discuss the end of “Penny Dreadful”

Some think this show came to an end too soon and didn’t end well. See what Eva Green and Josh Hartnett had to say about the end of the series.

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