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More Superheroes On Primetime

How much do you know about comics? Maybe you’ve grown up collecting comic books…or perhaps you are a fan of the big blockbuster movies, but here are a few things you probably don’t know:

1) In the 1960s, Batman was nearly killed off due to low sales.
2) Superman was originally supposed to be bald and evil. (Maybe this is what inspired Lex Luther?)
3) The word, “zombies” was trademarked by Marvel from 1975-1996.
4) The term, “superhero” was first used back in 1917.
5) Of the three major comic book publishers, Marvel ranks #1, DC is #2, and Image is #3.
6) The most valuable comic book movie fanchises are: Spider-Man ($3.96 billion), Batman ($3.8 billion), X-Men ($3.05 billion), Iron Man ($2.42 billion), and Marvel Avengers (1.53 billion)

This TV season, there are a number of Primetime shows that are based off of our favorite comics. Shows like Gotham and The Flash just entered their second season; Arrow is on season four, while The Walking dead started it’s sixth season. There are also a number of new programs like Supergirl (CBS), Legends of Tomorrow (CW), Krypton (Syfy), and others. It’s time to catch all of the action on DIRECTV…it is how TV is meant to be seen.

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“Walking Dead” trailer generates buzz

“The Walking Dead” has remained one of the best shows on television through four seasons, and by the looks of this trailer Season 5 should be pretty damn good as well.

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“Seinfeld” turns 25

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since “Seinfeld” debuted on NBC as “The Seinfeld Chronicles.” Many like me consider it to be the best show in television history and it’s still relevant today. The show about nothing certainly made an impact even if few people noticed when it debuted.

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Last season of “Two and a Half Men”

Does anyone really care?

I haven’t watched this show much since they dumped crazy Charlie, so I don’t have much of an opinion on this. The Jon Cryer/Ashton Kutcher version rarely made me laugh the few times I watched it, though the ratings haven’t been bad. By announcing the last season and Chuck Lorre saying he is “creating a season-long event,” maybe they can go out with a bang. Bringing back Charlie Sheen would be a great strategy of course.

Anyways, it was once a terrific show, and we at least have the Charlie Sheen reruns.

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