Will Smith Comeback Show

When someone has won two Grammys, been Oscar nominated twice, and is rated by Forbes magazine as the most bankable box office star in history, talking about a comeback show in Blackpool seems rather far-fetched.

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That time Roger Ebert destroyed Rob Schneider

This is just too funny. I miss Roger Ebert . . .


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R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

With the sad news that Carrie Fisher has passed away at the young age of 60, here’s a clip of her being interviewed along with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill on the Today show back in 1977 after the release of “Star Wars.” Princess Leia will be missed . . .


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Johnny Depp dips at the box office

For the second straight year, Johnny Depp takes the Forbes title as the most overpaid actor in Hollywood as he continues to ring up box office flops.


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Conan looks small!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a badass when he played Conan the Barbarian, but he looks pretty damn small next to Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant.


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