Top 2018 Movies on Netflix

The start of the festive season means one thing to most people i.e. more free time on their hands. Most businesses close up for the Christmas holidays and as such afford their employees some time to recuperate while awaiting the start of the New Year. With more free time, it means more time to grab those movies you missed out on throughout the year. Worry not about the hassle of searching for the best titles of 2018 as we have you covered on that front. All you need is to grab your popcorns and start enjoying these brilliant Hollywood movies on Netflix.

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Private Life

Private Life is a comedy-drama movie that features Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn. The movie follows the lives of two lovebirds who despite their endeavours just fail to get a child. After realizing that nothing is materializing the normal way, the two lovebirds decide to go for artificial insemination. However, artificial insemination does not return the rewards they were looking for and as such, they decide to choose another option. They decide to go for vitro fertilization and just like artificial insemination, vitro fertilization fails. This time, their loss is not just that they fail to get pregnant but that they fall into a $10,000.00 debt. Realizing that nothing is working, they finally decide to go for adoption but again, luck is not on their side.

The Ballard of Buster Scruggs

The Ballard of Buster Scruggs is not exactly a movie as it comes in the form of a short story collection titled The Ballard of Buster Scruggs and Other Tales of the American Frontier. However, due to its brilliant screenplay, it finds itself on this list. Buster Scruggs is a cowboy who has always been viewed as an outcast by society. Finally, Buster Scruggs decides to live a carefree life. However, his quest to live a carefree life leads him into massive trouble as he shoots a whole bar after feeling that he has been disrespected. Soon after gunning down a whole bar, Buster Scruggs also finds himself having to engage in bloody fights with some poker players. As fate would have it, Buster Scruggs meets his demise when he is shot in the head but before he dies, he admits that his last days have been the best that he has ever lived.

Outlaw King

Outlaw King is a historical action adventure movie. After realizing that the English royal family is highly unpopular following its decision to increase tax in 1306 AD, Robert the Bruce (Scottish King) seeks to take advantage of this and bring down the English army and royal family. Through organizing marriages and persuasion, Robert the Bruce manages to form alliances with some of the most powerful families in Europe. Feeling that the time is right, Robert the Bruce makes his strike but the result is not what he intended.


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