Are Movie Franchises Going Over the Top?

When it comes to the world of movies, there are some that have been turned into huge franchises that have become enormously successful around the world. For instance, Star Wars is a huge hit around the globe and for many fans there will never be enough of the Star Wars movies to keep them satisfied.

However, there are also many other movies that started out as just a single movie and enjoyed success. But then a second movie came along, and a third, and a fourth, and so on. For many people, this equated to those involved with the movie simply trying to squeeze every last cent out of moviegoers with many complaining that the subsequent movies were by far inferior to the first one.

When should they stop?

There are all sorts of movie genres these days, from comedies and dramas through to dating movies, chick flicks and more. One genre that really seems to push the boat out when it comes to making one movie after another is the horror genre. Things were different in the 1980s when horror franchises such as the Nightmare on Elm Street movies kept horror fans entertained. However, these days it seems that movie makers are only interested in churning out one movie after another no matter what the quality.

Recently, the fourth chapter of the Insidious movies hit theaters nearly seven years after the original one came out. The first movie enjoyed huge success in countries around the world, with many horror fans finding it fresh, entertaining, and unique. However, once the moviemakers noted the success of the first movie, it was inevitable that more and more would come out. Sure enough, along came the second one a couple of years later closely followed by a third a couple of years after that. Now we have the fourth one and despite being called The Last Key most people will no doubt be expecting yet a fifth chapter in a couple of years.

Another movie franchise that may have overstayed its welcome amongst moviegoers is Saw. The first of these movies was indeed very different, exciting, fresh, and gruesome. Even the second and third were forgivable because they were still pretty different to the type of horror most people were used to seeing. However, after that the list just seemed to go on and on with even fans of the first three movies wondering when it was going to end.

For most horror fans, when a movie is really good and successful it should be left alone rather than different chapters and versions being churned out on a regular basis until it loses all credibility. While horror is a very popular genre and many fans of the genre are willing to try all sorts of horror movies to find ones that really strike a chord, it seems that all the moviemakers now want to do is play on the success of the first movie and turn it into a franchise for nothing more than money.


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