The 5 Most Expected Movies of 2018

Movie studios know what the public likes. At this point, the only threat to a movie franchise is too much exposure and over-saturation. Each year, viewers are given tremendous products from monstrously popular properties. Even with how good options have been in recent years, though, 2018 is going to be special. Clear your schedules; saves those pennies in your checking account; these movies are going to be worth it.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Fans are just recovering from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, yet the offshoot Han Solo project is right around the corner. Solo is being released May 25. The reason there has been so little fanfare about it is likely an intentional strategy on Disney’s part. They wanted to let The Last Jedi breath and accumulate as much money as it could before covering it up with advertisements and trailers for Solo.

After enough time has passed, expect an onslaught of Solo. It can’t come soon enough. Each of the Star Wars films in this recent reboot extravaganza has been wildly successful and critically well received. Solo should be no different. Directed by Ron Howard, Solo stars Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo, who travels the galaxy with his pal, a young Chewbacca. This sidequel/prequel should give Star Wars nuts some gems of stories they have never heard about before.

Black Panther

In the other half of the galaxy, apart from Star Wars, resides the world of Marvel. With perhaps the exception of one other pending ’18 film, no Marvel flick has had as many expectations and as much excitement building for it as Black Panther. This movie, starring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, hits theaters February 16, just a month away.

Marvel fans are well-versed in Black Panther’s story and skill set thanks to his appearances in previous movies in the cinematic universe. However, his solo project has been the stuff of dreams. Director Ryan Coogler brought such a quality product to the Rocky franchise with 2015’s Creed and delivered in 2013’s Fruitvale Station that expectations are sky-high for Black Panther.

Avengers: Infinity War

Some folks will only treat Black Panther as a late-winter appetizer, though, for the main course coming out May 4. The third installment of the Avengers franchise, Infinity War, is the culmination of this portion of the MCU. Every Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk movie, and all the others, have led to this film.

In Infinity War, the gang is back together, but the Avengers bring in even more help to battle galactic overlord Thanos. Viewers will see the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and anyone else on the payroll as they try to prevent Thanos from collecting the infinity stones and becoming immortal. Even though every Avengers film has had the highest possible stakes, it really feels like everything is on the line in Infinity War.

Deadpool 2

For those interested in the dark side of the moon when it comes to superhero franchises, the Deadpool sequel is set for release May 18. The first Deadpool movie, released back in 2016, caught most everyone by surprise. It was funny, dirty, raw, and exciting. In some respects, it paved the way for a slight change in the delivery of superhero movies that came after it. Expect more of the same from Ryan Reynolds and company in this sequel.

Incredibles 2

2018 isn’t all about adult superheroes though. This year, we will also get the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite superhero family for kids: the Incredibles. The original came out way back in 2004. To this day, it is considered one of the best animated movies of all time, and those who wish to classify it as a superhero movie also consider it one of the best of that genre as well. Critics gave it a 97 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 90 on Metacritic.

It is completely understandable why so many people were impatiently awaiting Incredibles 2. In fact, it is interesting and partially surprising that it took so many years for this second part to be released. Some fans surely worry about a Finding NemoFinding Dory situation with this franchise, where the sequel leaves people feeling disappointed. It is hard to live up to a massively successful original. Incredibles 2 will try on June 15.

These are hardly the only big movies hitting theaters in ’18. The list of pending hits is quite extensive. Sequels from the Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Pacific Rim, and Ocean’s 11 franchises are on the way. We are getting two X-Men spin-offs, including one in the horror genre, a remake of a beloved children’s tale, and the latest from Wes Anderson.

There should be something for everyone in theaters this year. But those movie buffs who want to keep up with the biggest and brightest releases need to check out the five most highly anticipated films of the year.

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