Sex Symbols of the Golden Age of Hollywood

These great Hollywood actresses still are the standards of beauty. They can quite compete with the current stars of the big cinema. Let’s take a short walk into the past and find out a few interesting facts from their life …

Liz Taylor

She’s so beautiful that it’s impossible to confuse Liz with anyone! She began her career when she was still very young, in the “Lassie”. Then people started talking about her as a most beautiful actress with violet eyes. Officially, she married eight times, with actor Richard Burton – twice. Unofficially, she was called the “Queen of Hollywood”. Liz was very fond of life and she knew how to get pleasure from it. She had many awards, including three Oscar statuettes. She was also the owner of a luxurious collection of diamonds and other valuable stones, which her husband presented to her.

Grace Kelly

One of the most beautiful actresses of old Hollywood. She began her career as a model, but very soon she was invited to act in films. Magnificent Grace became famous thanks to the film “Mogambo”. Her partners were Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. But she was really famous after roles in cult thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock, where her acting talent revealed to the fullest.

They say Hitchcock even was in love with his beautiful blonde Grace. But she broke his heart when she married the Prince of Monaco, Renier Grimaldi. The role of the princess was the most important in her life.

Ingrid Bergman

It’s hard to call her a classic beauty, but it’s simply impossible to tear your eyes from Ingrid when she is acting on the screen! For the first time Bergman received the taste of success and recognition of the public in Europe, and then she was called to Hollywood. It was at American film studios where Bergman’s talent flourished.

She received three Oscars, starred in the classic films “Casablanca”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “The Arc de Triomphe”, “The Bad Glory”, “Jeanne d’Arc”, and others.

Tippi Hedren

The blonde beauty became famous thanks to the thriller “Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. However, then her career was abruptly interrupted: she refused to work with the famous director since he demanded intimacy. In retaliation, Hitchcock stopped shooting her and ruined her career. Other directors did not want to contact influential Hitchcock and stopped inviting her for tests. She is still alive. Tippi Hedren has a wonderful daughter Melanie Griffith and granddaughter Dakota Johnson. They followed in the footsteps of famous and talented grandmother and became actresses.

Ava Gardner

She was called the possessor of “the face of the angel and the body of the goddess.” Ava was really beautiful. How many men she drove crazy! It is strange, but she believed that she did not have any acting talent – but in vain! She was loved by the audience and praised by eminent filmmakers. But it was because of her own complex that she rejected proposals to appear in a movie. Her third husband, Frank Sinatra, paid her bills until the last day, although they had long been divorced … And when he found out sad news about the death of his former lover, he was very sad for a long time, although at that time he was married to another woman.

Rita Hayworth

Rita was a real sex symbol of the 40s. The whole America was crazy about this charming and talented girl! She began her career as a dancer: she performed in author’s production at the nightclub, with her father. She had many nice and beautiful roles, where the actress had to sing and dance. She was known and loved even in Europe. Rita had a stormy personal life but left the movie industry because of Alzheimer’s, which manifested itself quite early.

Katharine Hepburn

She was named the greatest actress in the history of Hollywood. Katharine was nominated for the Oscar 12 times – more than all her other colleagues. In the late 30’s she suddenly left the movie industry after a series of devastating articles, when she was nicknamed “the poisoner of success.” But a few years later she returned to the big screens with triumph. And she deserved it.

Katharine was a real woman-legend and she had many talents. They say she was the only one girl who managed to win a heart of the eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes. But when Catherine found out that he was not faithful to her, she quickly broke off the relationship. After that Hepburn fell in love with actor Spencer Tracy. Their romance lasted 26 years, until the death of her beloved man.

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