Best Animal Films and Games


Animal lovers can rejoice thanks to the sheer volume of related films to watch and games to play. Our furry friends are featured in all kinds of genres and styles from animated films to simulation games. Animals crop up in almost any media and often play an important role. Here are some of the best pet films and games.

Cats vs Dogs

Love it or hate it, Cats vs Dogs is at least funny. Is it going to win any comedic prizes, no. However, it has its own charm and it is a great one to entertain the little ones while the grownups relax and catch their breath for a bit. For those who don’t know the film features the bitter rivalry between cats and dogs and imagines them as secret agents, evil geniuses and everything that goes with that. Think of it as a film where James Bond is a dog and he is trying to stop a bunch of evil cats. Honestly, it’s funny.

Zoo Tycoon

Ever wanted to run your own zoo? Well now you can and it’s all thanks to Zoo Tycoon. From planning which animals you are going to have to enclosure locations and ticket prices, you get to managed and play with everything that goes into running a successful zoo. If Zoo Tycoon has an issue though that would be that it is PC only. So if you are looking for some great animal gaming and don’t own a PC then Jurassic Park on tablets and smartphones is a similar concept and dinosaurs are basically animals. If that isn’t for you then Kitty Glitter Slots is an excellent online slot game that can be played on places like LadyLucks. Hopefully, some of those will help non-PC owners.


Few films are as iconic as Jaws. From the suspenseful soundtrack to quotable one-liners and a memorable cast of characters, it really has it all. The sequels are all good in their own way but the original Jaws started it all and remains the best and one of the greatest films of all time. Released all the way back in 1975 it still holds up today and stands the test of time. There a few animal films that can rival the mighty Jaws and if it doesn’t make you fear sharks then nothing will.


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