Can You Guess Which Hollywood Stars Also Like a Flutter in the Casino?

pair of aces in poker black and white

Gambling is a major theme in Hollywood, and there have been a number of hugely successful films based on casinos over the years. Movies like Ocean’s Eleven, The Hangover, Casino Royale, and Rain Man have all done a good job at depicting the glitz and glamour of places like Las Vegas, and a lot of the stars often look totally at ease in those settings. Could it be because they have gambling experience in their personal lives?

Some actors have been known to gamble in preparation for roles in movies. Matt Damon, for instance, took on the part of an expert poker shark in Rounders, the cult hit from 1998. To play the part convincingly he needed to know his full houses from his straight flushes, and decided to take to the poker tables in preparation. Damon was already a massive poker fan in real life, but he and his co-star Edward Norton put up the $10,000 entry to take part in the 1998 World Series of Poker. Maybe this was to assist them with taking on their respective roles in John Dahl’s film, or perhaps it was just for fun.

Back in the 90s this form of playing was more prevalent, but after the poker boom that came about partly because of Rounders (see clip below), playing online has become increasingly popular. Perhaps if Damon and Norton do indeed one day have to prepare for Rounders 2, they will take to internet gambling and look for the best casino sites offering the juiciest sign-up bonuses as they try to master this different way of playing poker.

While they’re there they may decide to indulge in a few other games as well. Online slots casinos can provide some much-needed respite from the mentally draining card game. There are literally hundreds of reels and deals out there as well if you know where to look. Interestingly, though, slots haven’t really gained much fame on the big screen, but there is another well-known casino game that has.

Blackjack has been immortalised in Blackjack, Rain Man, 21, The Last Casino, and The Gambler. Although he hasn’t starred in any of these movies, Ben Affleck is one Hollywood icon who is partial to playing the game that virtually made Las Vegas what it is today. The legendary actor and director of films such as Gone Baby Gone and Argo has been spotted on numerous occasions enjoying a few hands of the century-old game. Affleck confessed that blackjack was his only weakness, and he didn’t like to stake on any other games of chance. The reason he played the card game was because he realised that by learning more about it such as when to hit or split certain cards, he could improve his chances of winning.

Affleck and Damon are good friends and have starred in a number of movies together in the past, including Dogma (see clip above) and Good Will Hunting. Now wouldn’t it be cool if these superstars with a love of gambling got together to create the best casino movie of all time? That is something most would agree would be epic.


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