Will Smith Comeback Show

When someone has won two Grammys, been Oscar nominated twice, and is rated by Forbes magazine as the most bankable box office star in history, talking about a comeback show in Blackpool seems rather far-fetched.

Yet that’s just what the booking agent for Will Smith locked in this summer, as he and long time collaborator, ‘Jazzy Jeff’ Townes get back together for their first full shows for over a decade.

Performing as the 90s rapper, The Fresh Prince, Will Smith will be reviving classic hits like the sun drenched ‘Summertime’, the UK number one ‘Boom! Shake the Room’ and the Grammy Award winning ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. It’s also unlikely that the crowd will let them leave the stage without at least one performance of The Fresh Prince theme, which everyone over a certain age will be rapping along with, word for word.

It’s not the first reunion for the pair, with the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air recently meeting up in aid of charity, posting a picture on Facebook that was shared around the world. The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff are also reported to be back in the studio, with Will Smith saying that the pair have created around thirty new tracks, at least half a dozen of which he claims to really like.

The much anticipated reunion show will be part of the Livewire Festival, which takes place in Blackpool over the August Bank Holiday weekend. The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff will be joined by a host of other 80s and 90s icons, including the Jackson Five, and the likes of Sinitta and Jason Donovan from Pete Waterman’s Hit Factory. They are also headlining MTV Summer Blast in Croatia the same weekend.

The Livewire Festival takes place at Blackpool’s Headland Arena over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. As his record breaking YouTube appearances on Graham Norton have proved, The Fresh Prince has lost none of his cheeky charm or mass appeal, and so tickets are inevitably selling fast. With the show marking their first full performance since 2005, it’s no surprise that their music agents are swamped with requests worldwide to have the iconic duo perform in a city near you.


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