The Changing Fortunes of Roulette


Roulette, and other casino games, have, in the past, been considered as something for the elite. Something for the rich. Something that was not for the ‘ordinary man’ (or woman). However, thanks to a mighty revolution – and an evolution too – regarding casinos and the games within them, roulette, poker, craps, and even slots are now more accessible, less pricey, and much more fun than ever before.

In the old days, if you wanted to play roulette or poker, you would have to step into a physical building. In the best cases, this would be a professional, regulated casino. In the worst, you could be entering a dangerous and completely illegal gambling den. And that’s if you stepped into anywhere at all. There is a false yet pervading sense that casinos are only for the rich and famous, especially the grander, more prestigious looking ones. It’s not true, but it feels as though it could be.

This image has only been enhanced over the years thanks to movies. Think of the most iconic and memorable gambling scenes you’ve spotted in great movies; think of the way the roulette wheel was spun, think of the money involved. Think of the clothes, the scenery. It was all rich and other worldly. Some examples include Casablanca, which was the first film – back in 1942 – to ever show a game of roulette. Perhaps this is where our obsession with that little spinning wheel began. Another famous film that includes a casino scene is Indecent Proposal. The roulette game is central to the plot here, as if the couple hadn’t bet everything they had on red, and lost, the titular proposal would never have been considered.

And the, of course, there is James Bond. In many of his movies he plays casino games, and he is famous for betting on 17 black in roulette. This number has become a rather lucky one around the world.

Back to the real world, and the good news for those of us who want to play roulette – and other casino games – but who don’t want to have to spend a fortune to do so is that, thanks to the advent of a new kind of online casino, we can. Now there is no need to go to a physical building (legal or otherwise), and no need to have to put down a lot of money before you even start. In fact, you can play for free in some cases. When you are ready to play with your own money, not only will these online casinos welcome you, but they will reward you too. Some sites will give you generous sign up bonuses and add loyalty points when you play. Redeem your loyal points into casino credits and you can play for even longer (giving you more chances to win). So you see, the online casino has to be the best bet for roulette, poker, and much more.


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